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Acrid is the newest playable character for Risk of Rain 2 and he is awesome! His ability kit of toxins and venoms is simply invaluable for the game and everyone should give him a try at least!

How To Get Acrid In Risk Of Rain 2

With massive amount of players trying to unlock him right now, we thought it would be helpful to guide you through the entire process. There are a few hidden things you need to take care of, but if you follow our steps you won’t come across any problems and you’ll play Acrid in no time. Let’s go!

Step 1: Get To The Bazaar Between Time

There are two ways to do this:

  • There is a small chance when hitting a Teleporter that a blue portal will appear which can take you to the Bazar Between Time.
  • Activate a Newt Altar with a Lunar Coin to spawn the blue portal.

Step 2: Find The Hidden Cave

Once you appear in the Bazaar Between Time, you’ll need to find the hidden cave. To do this, jump down until you spot the misty glowing yellow entrance. Navigate to the end and you’ll find a purple portal leading you to the Void Fields.

Step 3: Complete The Nine Cell Challenge

Once inside the Void Realm, you will need to find nine separate cells which are scattered across the map. Each cell needs to be activated and when it is, waves of monsters will begin to spawn and you’ll need to defeat them all.

The Void is a terrible realm and you’ll need to survive it in case you want to unlock Acrid. Here are some tips:

  • When you’re inside the Void, you’ll constantly and passively take damage. So, when you activate a cell, make sure you stay inside the Bubble Shield to not get damaged and heal up.
  • Try to defeat the monsters as soon as possible. If you linger too much, the monsters will get significantly tougher and have items to help them defeat you.
  • Movement items are really useful for staying alive and getting to the next cell vent.
  • Make sure the cell you’re standing in is 100% before leaving it for the next one.

 Step 4: Enjoy Your New Character

If you manage to successfully defend the nine cells – you get Acrid! The whole process is fairly simple and all you need to do is focus and you’ll get your new character.

And if you have troubles, here is a video link to help you out:

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