How to Get the Two Dragons Sword in Lies of P


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Explore the thrilling world of Lies of P and its diverse array of weapons—one of which is a powerful weapon called the Two Dragons Sword.

How to Get the Two Dragons Sword in Lies of P

Lies of P is the latest addition to the soulslike gaming genre that takes a dark twist on the old story of Pinocchio. This game features various weapons in all shapes and sizes, including swords, daggers, greatswords, and more. In the swords category, there is a weapon that boasts fast attack speed and impressive DPSmaking you both swift and powerful. It is a katana-like weapon called Two Dragons Sword.

The Two Dragons Sword is such a remarkable weapon that players often consider it one of the best weapons in the game. It boasts swift attacks, outstanding Fable Arts, high Technique scaling, impressive range, and the ability to hit concealed enemies behind walls and corners.

Indeed, the Two Dragons Swords sets itself apart from the other weapons in Lies of P. It plays a significant role in both the side quests of Eugenie and Alidoro. Also, the advantages and stats of this weapon are so impressive that it is simply unparalleled. Therefore, most players often rush to obtain this powerful sword as early as possible.

How to Get the Two Dragons Sword in Lies of P

Each weapon in the game scales based on the three main stats: Motivity (strength), Technique (dexterity), and Advance (Intellect or Elemental). The Two Dragons Sword is a katana considered the best Technique weapon in Lies of P. Although the Two Dragons Sword starts with only a D scaling in Motivity and an A in Technique, you can easily turn this sword into an S-rank weapon. To do this, simply use a Technique crank when talking to Eugenie at Hotel Krat.

This katana is the perfect weapon for those planning to focus on Technique as their main stat (Dexterity build). With its quick moveset and slick design, this katana will make you feel like an actual Samurai in Lies of P. So, if you plan on getting your hands on this powerful weapon, read on to find out how.

Where to Get the Two Dragons Sword in Lies of P

You can only get the Two Dragons Sword if you give Alidoro the Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo. You can obtain This consumable item by defeating the boss in chapter 8, the Green Monster of the Swamp. The boss is located in the Barren Swamp Nest near the Barren Swamp Bridge Stargazer.

A screenshot of the Green Monster of the Swamp in Lies of P.

After you defeat the boss in its second phase, the Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo will automatically be added to your inventory. Once you have it, head to Alidoro and talk to him. He will gladly trade you the Ergo for the Two Dragons Sword.

How to Locate Alidoro in Lies of P

You will initially find the merchant Alidoro outside the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library in chapter 4 of Lies of P. He will become your go-to NPC in trading Ergos for boss weapons, including the Two Dragons Sword.

From the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library Stargazer, head straight through the hallway to your left. Be careful when walking through the hallway, as a trap on the ground will activate arrows to shoot at you when stepped on. Then, run past all the enemies until you reach a spiral staircase. Work your way to the bottom of the stairs until you find a lift. Take the lift and go to the rooftop, where Alidoro overlooks the scenery.

A screenshot of Alidoro's initial location in Lies of P.

Once you speak with him, you can send him to Hotel Krat or Venigni Works. If you send him to Hotel Krat, he will spawn there after you beat the boss of chapter 4. From the Hotel Stargazer, run towards the stairs and take the hallway to your left just before reaching the staircase. Alidoro will be seen standing at the end of the hallway.

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If you send him to Venigni Works, he will spawn in the Workshop Union. From the Workshop Union Entrance, go up the stairs to your left. Once you reach the second floor, there will be a room to your left, and Alidoro will be seen waiting inside the room. When you talk to him, he will give you two options—both of which will end up with him going to Hotel Krat.

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