How To Get Fuel in Escape From Tarkov


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If you just upgraded your hideout and are itching to start crafting, you’ve probably noticed that all the useful crafting options require your hideout to have power, which requires fuel. But how do you get fuel in Escape from tarkov? Luckily it’s not that hard, if you know all your options.

How To Get Fuel in Escape From Tarkov

What’s the difference?

The first thing to know is the difference between Metal Fuel Tank and Expeditionary Fuel Tanks, and how they work.
⦁ Metal Fuel Tanks are 2×3 and hold 100 units of fuel.
⦁ Expeditionary Fuel Tanks only take up a 2×2 space and hold 60 units of fuel. (Meaning these can fit even in a Gamma Secure Container if you really need the fuel)
⦁ Each unit of fuel will power the generator for 15 minutes, which is doubled once you’ve built solar panels. (1 unit of fuel for 30 minutes of power).
⦁ This comes out to 25 hours of power from a Metal Fuel Tank, and 15 hours with the Expeditionary Fuel Tank. (or 50 hours and 30 hours respectively with solar panels).

How to get fuel?

Getting fuel can be annoying for new players, but once you know your options it becomes much easier to consistently stockpile fuel.


⦁ Jaeger sells Metal Fuel Tanks for 15 Classic Matches


⦁ Lavatory Level 2 allows you to craft an expeditionary Tank from 6 Zibbo lighters and 8 Crickent lighters

⦁ Lavatory Level 2 also allows you to craft a magazine case from a pair of empty expeditionary Tank, a pair of metal cutting scissors, 3 Bolts and 3 Screw Nuts


Loose loot
⦁ Metal Fuel Tank spawn all across Reserve, with a tendency to spawn in/near garages
⦁ Also spawns often on interchange, on Oli shelves
⦁ Expeditionary Tank will spawn in the warehouse shelves in Customs


Each of these containers can spawn either an Expeditionary Tank or a full Metal Tank

⦁ Jackets (only Expeditionary Tanks)
⦁ Sports Bags
⦁ Buried Stashes
⦁ Barrel Stashes
⦁ Dead Scavs (object, not actual scavs)
⦁ Technical Supply Crates

What is it for?

For a new player, getting your hands on fuel can feel like a mission. But once you have fuel, especially after building solar, actively crafting and mining bitcoins can make it payoff big time.

First off, bitcoin farms allow you to just passively generate income. So long as your base is powered, they will generate bitcoins at a steady rate based on the number of GPUs installed in the farm, and hold up to 3 bitcoins at a time. Checkout our Bitcoin Farm Guide for details.

Second, crafting. Crafting can actually help you net some pretty big profits, especially once the soon-to-be patch 1.6 drops. There’s already a number of very profitable crafting options, but those profits are sure to rise since crafted items are considered found-in-raid and the devs have already stated that in 1.6 the Flea Market will be open to found-in-raid items only.

For now, before 1.6, here’s a few notable crafting options to get the most of your fuel.

⦁ 9×39 mm SP-6 made from 7.62×39 mm HP
⦁ Wires made from power cables
⦁ 5.45×39 mm 7N39 “Igolnik” from gunpowder

Please note that update 1.6 will likely change how valuable and how easy these craftables are, but they’re staple items that should keep their value even after the patch.

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