How To Get Osmium Crops in Coral Island


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Learn how to produce the Osmium crops in Coral Island!

How To Get Osmium Crops in Coral Island

Crops are one of the sources of income for farmers in Coral Island, often the ones that are prioritized at the start of their playthroughs. Crops are easy to cultivate and can provide a steady flow of money. Selling them enables you to invest in new seeds, farm improvements, tool upgrades, etc. The higher the quality of the crops, the higher the profit you gain.

If there’s any item worth investing in, it’s the Osmium-quality ones. This guide will teach you to level up your farming game and grow osmium crops on Coral Island.

How To Get Osmium-Quality Crops

To ensure the growth of Osmium fruits, vegetables, and flowers on your tropical farm, here are two things you must do:

1. Upgrade Seeds

A screenshot of the player upgrading their seeds in Ling's Research Lab.

Ling is the town’s marine biologist. She mostly focuses on studying Coral Island’s marine life and protecting its habitats, but she can also help you produce lucrative crops by refining the quality of your seeds. Upgrading your seed raises your chances of getting Osmium crops. You’ll need some Kelp Essences and a few thousand coins to make this possible.

Her Laboratory is located in the center of Starlet Town. They are open every day except on Saturdays.

2. Use Fertilizers

A screenshot of the Crafting Menu in Coral Island.

Mixing fertilizers with seeds can improve their quality, producing top-of-the-line crops when harvested. There are many types of Fertilizers in the game, but the ones that can help you yield Osmium Crops are Fertilizer I, Fertilizer II, and Fertilizer III.

You can craft Fertilizers by mixing Sap and Compost. They can also be purchased from Sam’s General Store and Ling’s Lab.

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All Osmium Crop Prices

In Coral Island, you’ll get a variety of crops each season. Currently, there are a total of 53 different crops you can grow. If you can produce and sell some Osmium crops, you’re guaranteed to rake in significant cash. In addition, Osmium crops become more profitable if you unlock the Crop Price skill in the Farming Mastery category. It’s a Tier II perk that increases the value of all produce.

To show you how much you can earn from selling Osmium crops, here’s a list of every crop in the game, including their prices:

(Osmium Quality)
(Osmium Quality + Crop Price Perk)
AmaranthFall48 coins55 coins
ArtichokeFall58 coins67 coins
BarleyFall236 coins271 coins
BasilFall78 coins90 coins
BeetFall104 coins120 coins
Bell pepperSummer94 coins108 coins
BlackberrySummer82 coins94 coins
BlueberrySummer82 coins94 coins
Blue DahliaFall160 coins184 coins
Bok ChoyFall252 coins290 coins
CarrotSpring156 coins179 coins
CauliflowerSpring350 coins403 coins
ChardSpring222 coins255
Coffee BeanSummer50 coins58 coins
CornSummer48 coins55 coins
CottonFall and Winter210 coins242 coins
CranberryFall36 coins36 coins
CucumberSpring82 coins94 coins
DaisySpring80 coins92 coins
EggplantFall72 coins83 coins
Fairy RoseFall342 coins393 coins
GardeniaSummer90 coins104 coins
GarlicFall220 coins263v
GrapeFall146 coins168 coins
Hot PepperSummer and Fall72 coins83 coins
IrisSummer204 coins235 coins
LettuceSpring94 coins108 coins
LilySummer298 coins343 coins
MelonSummer466 coins536 coins
OkraSummer118 coins136 coins
OrchidFall260 coins299 coins
PeasSpring118 coins136 coins
PeonySpring84 coins97 coins
PineappleSummer402 coins462 coins
PoppySpring164 coins189 coins
PotatoSpring150 coins173 coins
PumpkinSpring232 coins267 coins
RadishSpring and Summer238 coins274 coins
Red CabbageSummer212 coins244 coins
RiceFall92 coins106 coins
RoseSummer102 coins117 coins
Sweet PotatoFall60 coins69 coins
SnowdropSpring and Winter287 coins287 coins
SoybeanSpring38 coins44 coins
StarfruitSummer216 coins248 coins
SugarcaneSpring35 coins40 coins
SunflowerSummer140 coins161 coins
Taro RootFall48 coins55 coins
TealeafWinter156 coins156 coins
TomatoSummer68 coins78 coins
TurnipSpring80 coins92 coins
WatermelonFall210 coins242 coins
WheatSummer66 coins76 coins
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