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Spiders are the some of the most fearsome enemies in Grounded. Therefore, naturally, the resources that they drop are needed for some of the strongest gear in the game. 

How to Get Spider Fangs in Grounded

In particular, you’re going to need to get your hands on spider fangs. 

Where to Find Spider Fangs in Grounded

Before we even get started, you need to get acquainted with the fact that spiders are a late game enemy. You’re not going to be able to stumble across one on your first day and take it down. 

You’re going to need some serious armour and weaponry, so get yourself geared up and come back. 

Ready to move on? Good. 

Now, believe it or not, to get a spider fang in Grounded, you’re going to have to kill a spider. In particular, you need to slay one of the two giant spiders: The yellow orb weaver, or the wolf spider. Once you do put down one of the horrible creatures, then you get to loot the spider fangs from its corpse. 

What to Make Out of Spider Fangs in Grounded

Spider fangs are used in a variety of crafting recipes. In particular, you need it for the insect bow, and the spider fang dagger. 

While the dagger is a hit or miss weapon for a lot of people, the insect bow is not. It’s just one of the best weapons in the game, especially when it comes to ranged. 

Bows are crucial for enemies like the bombardier beetle and having an insect bow is going to make fights like that a walk in the park. 

To make the bow, not only do you need two spider fangs, but you need two spider chunks and spider silks, as well, so be prepared to fight more than one of the eight legged monsters. 

Is the Spider Fang Dagger Good in Grounded?

Whether or not you like the spider fang dagger in Grounded is going to depend on how you play the game. In terms of physical weapons, it’s certainly no mini mallet. You’re not going to get crazy close-range damage output. Instead, you’re going to get fast swipes that leave your target poisoned, dealing damage over time. 

This lends itself to a ranged style of play. You can get in close, get a poison popped, and then back out to play with your bow. 

The speed of the dagger means that you’re not going to be stuck in an insect’s face like you would be with a mini mallet, which means it is a lot more versatile. It doesn’t output as much damage, but it is going to allow you to stay safer for longer in your fights.  

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