How to get the Jerky Rack Recipe in Grounded



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Grounded is, at a foundational level, a survival game. This means that your first objective should be getting yourself into a position that can be considered sustainable.

How to get the Jerky Rack Recipe in Grounded

This mainly means securing a reliable source of food and water, and if you can, setting up a farm so that you don’t have to go searching for the essentials. The jerky rack Grounded recipe is one such piece of that farm.

Grounded Jerky Rack Recipe

The jerky rack in Grounded allows you to dry out your meats, meaning it won’t go off. While eating jerky meat does give you a bit of dehydration, it is well worth the tradeoff as you can stack up on food.

To discover the jerky rack recipe in Grounded, you need to analyze a bombardier part. This means getting to a point where you’re able to kill a bombardier beetle. Once you have it discovered, you can craft it with five bombardier parts, and six woven fiber.

How to Kill a Bombardier Beetle in Grounded and Get Jerky Rack

The biggest obstacle to getting the jerky rack in Grounded is killing a bombardier beetle. While not the toughest enemy in the game, it’s pretty close, meaning you might have a hard time.

The bombardier beetles main line of defense comes in the form of its acid attack, which is ranged and leaves an AOE on the ground that paralysis you. You can dodge this easily by strafing, though, so the best strategy to fight the beetle is to use your bow.

If you’re not a fan of the bow, you can fight the bombardier up close, but you need to stay on your toes with this approach. The beetle is fast, and can still spray you with acid at close range, so make sure you constantly stay on the move.

Why Do I Need the Jerky Rack in Grounded

Food is one of the most important resources you can get in Grounded. It can be obtained from killing small bugs like weevils and aphids, but it goes off really quickly. This means that you need to spend time hunting every day, which you really can’t afford to be doing.

The jerky rack eliminates the need for this daily hunt. You can spend an hour or two stockpiling meats, and then dry them all out for later use without having to worry about the meat expiring.

As of 0.1.1, it’s the only way to store meat, too, as uncooked meat goes off the same as cooked meat.

While the jerky rack does make you a little bit dehydrated, if you have a sustainable water farm, through using a canteen+ and dew collector, then you don’t really have to worry about that too much.

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