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By now you have probably heard the loudest title on Steam and PlayStation 4 as of late – Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout! The creators and publishers, Mediatonic and Devolver Digital, have explained the game as ‘60 players party Battle Royale chaos game’ and we cannot describe it better!

Is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Worth It

Fall Guys have quickly won the people’s hearts with its wacky style, cartoonish graphics and all in all hilarious gameplay. It’s one thing to battle your way through hordes of in-game characters until you’re the only one remaining – but to do it as cute little jellybean is entirely something else!

Fall Guys Is The Gaming Refreshment We Needed

What has made the decision for many gamers to opt into Fall Guys was the new, cool and refreshing look of the game. In an age where quality video games more than often come exclusively from large companies, with heavy and realistic graphics, highly developed stories, actors, CGI masters and what not – the casual candy style of Fall Guys came out as a revolution!

And it’s not just the looks and design of the game, Fall Guys also brings something from the past – a real, genuine fun inside a video game! It beautifully blends into the modern Battle Royale mode, but it twists the genre and creates a large entertainment playground for anyone who just wants to sit back, relax and enjoy a game.
So if you are looking for something new and different, then Fall Guys is definitely for you!

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Why Be Serious When You Can Be Fun

If you’ve seen even a second of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’s gameplay, then you know what it’s all about – push all the other jellybeans off the platforms and be the last one standing!

But even the winning comes as a side thing inside this game, because the whole point isn’t in collecting a crown, but in having fun along the way. When you get eliminated, 9 out of 10 times you’ll laugh about it. And after you finish a game, you’ll want to jump into the next one as soon as possible!

There is a competitive element for the hardcore gamers, of course, but no one can remain truly serious when solving fruit puzzles or pushing enormous footballs. And that is precisely why people love Fall Guys!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Is Definitely Worth The Try

We’re sad that the game isn’t free so everyone could try it. We’ve played it a lot and we believe that there is something for every taste.
All the games are unique and interesting, and every round you’re running busily into qualification or elimination.

Fall Guys is also stuffed with additional things like cosmetics and ways to customize your character to no end. From name change, to colors, outfits and skins – you could really be one-of-a-kind jellybean! We don’t believe that this game can get boring, so we recommend you to give it a shot. Rock on!

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