How to Get the Korok Mask in Breath of the Wild


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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s wide and captivating environment wants explorers to go on a thrilling journey filled with mysteries and hidden treasures. The Korok Mask stands out as a symbol of intrigue and function among the many intriguing secrets.

How to Get the Korok Mask in Breath of the Wild

We explore the intricate aspects of locating the Korok Mask in this guide. This guide will help you through all the steps needed to obtain the item. So, ready Link’s weapons and shields, sharpen your wits, and join us as we find the Korok Mask in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

What is the Korok Mask?

The Korok Mask, an item in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, possesses a unique charm that captures the hearts of players exploring the kingdom of Hyrule. This mystical headpiece is shaped like the adorable, mischievous woodland creatures called Koroks. 

Even though it only has a Base Defense of 1, this item’s main purpose is to grant its wearer an extraordinary ability. Link’s senses are heightened when he wears the Korok Mask, allowing him to detect the presence of Koroks.

When Link wears the Korok Mask and travels through the lush landscapes and dense woodlands, the mask generates gentle shakes and emits a soft percussion sound whenever a Korok is nearby. These will guide Link to hidden puzzles that will lead to a Korok.

Hidden away in a remote location, the Korok Mask lies in a hidden treasure chest. Once obtained, the Korok Mask becomes an invaluable tool in Link’s inventory, aiding them in their quest to find all 900 Koroks scattered throughout the Kingdom of Hyrule. Adventurers can use this quirky mask to unlock the secrets of the kingdom’s most remote corners, find valuable items, and unravel some of the mysteries that Breath of the Wild offers.

How to Find the Korok Mask

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Before Link can obtain the Korok Mask, it is critical to note that this item is only available to those who have purchased The Master Trials DLC pack. After purchasing and installing it, Link will receive a new side quest in the game called “EX Strange Mask Rumors.”

EX Strange Mask Rumors

To start the “EX Strange Mask Rumors” side quest, Link must head to the Woodland Stables. This is northwest of the Sheh Rata Shrine and the Lanayru Wetlands or southeast of the Woodland Tower and the Great Hyrule Forest.

Inside the Woodland Stable, Link will find a “Super Rumor Mill V3” book on the table. Read the book, and Link finds that Traysi explores the rumors of Korok Mask. She comments on a rumor that a spirit possesses an item that rattles when worn while pals are hidden nearby. The book also contains a clue on where to find the Korok Mask: 

“in the hollow of a terrifying tree in a forest that causes those who enter to lose their way.”

Finding the Korok Mask

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The clue mentioned in the book refers to the Lost Woods just northwest of the Woodland Stable! Specifically, the treasure chest that contains the Korok Mask is inside a hollowed tree. This tree is near the southeastern edge of the Lost Woods.

Because of the nature of the Lost Woods, Link cannot simply head to its actual location. It is quite hard to navigate it to find the chest that contains the Korok Mask. Link must follow a certain path, or the Lost Woods will consume Link. To get the Korok Mask, this is what Link must do:

  1. From the Woodland Stable, head to the northwest to reach the entrance to the Lost Woods. Link can follow the path that leads to the north. Alternatively, a faster way is to fast travel to the Woodland Tower. Then, jump and paraglide towards the north side and land near the Lost Woods.
  2. In the entrance to the Lost Woods, once everything starts being covered in fog, follow the lit torches. The fog will consume Link and bring him back to the entrance if Link strays too far from the lit torches.
  3. Once Link reaches the fifth lit torch, face to the right where two lit torches are in the distance. Head towards these two lit torches. Between these two torches is a large tree.
  4. Next, upon reaching the two torches, face to the left and head straight.
  5. Eventually, Link will arrive near the edge of the forest. Here, Link will find a large tree with a hollowed trunk. Inside this hollowed tree is a treasure chest with “EX.
  6. Finally, open this treasure chest, and Link will get the Korok Mask!

After finding the Korok Mask, Link has completed the “EX Strange Rumors” side quest!

How to use the Korok Mask

To use the Korok Mask, press + to open Link’s inventory and navigate to Link’s clothes/armor. Then, Link can equip the Korok Mask. If there is an undiscovered Korok near Link while he is wearing the Korok Mask, the mask will shake and make the sound Koroks make, along with some sparks.


Finding all 900 Koroks has never been easier with the help of the Korok Mask. With this item, the player does not have to look at guides to find every Korok in Hyrule’s vast and different landscapes. Link can simply wear the Korok Mask while exploring this huge world.

Then, the Korok Mask will inform Link if there is a Korok nearby. With the help of the Korok Mask, the player is one step closer to the exciting reward that awaits after Link has found every Korok in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

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