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Hide your experience from judging eyes.

How to Hide Level In VALORANT

VALORANT is a game of numbers – win/loss ratios, games played, headshot percentages, you name it; Rio Games probably has all those recorded for you since you started playing their ultra-popular tactical shooter.

One stat that shows how much experience you have or the number of matches you’ve played since you started is your account level, and there are several reasons you’d want to hide this stat in-game.

If you’re wondering how to hide your VALORANT level in-game, don’t worry, the process is simple and can be done in less than a few minutes. We’ll guide you through every step in this guide. 

Why Hide Your VALORANT account level?

Regardless of how you like to be seen in-game, other players will probably take your VALORANT level and use it to get a general idea about how you will play in-game. Your account level won’t be a big deal in higher ranks since ranks arguably speak louder than your VALORANT level. In the lower ranks, however, having a high-level account might be against you to draw insult at your expense, especially if you lost against players with much lower account levels than you.

Suppose you do not mind players taking your level and using it to rub your loss in your face, then good for you. However, other players probably won’t take these types of losses like a champ the way you do and would like to take in-game credentials off their player cards.

Another reason you should hide your VALORANT level is to avoid smurf accusations. While smurfing isn’t a punishable offense in VALORANT (yet), players will probably report you for cheating when you ace every other round in a Bronze-ranked game.

How to hide your VALORANT level

Fortunately, hiding your VALORANT account level is very simple. Follow the steps below to remove your VALORANT level from your player card in the pre-game loading screen.

  1.  In the VALORANT home screen, click on the “Collections” button:
3 16

2. Click on your player card in the upper left corner:

4 12

3. Click on “Level Borders”:

5 13

4. Uncheck the “Show my account level on my player card” option”

6 11

Hidden From Plain Sight

The option to hide your account level can help keep toxicity at a minimum regardless of whatever rank you’re currently playing on. If you follow the steps above, you should be able to hide your account level in VALORANT with no problems and avoid getting insulted after losing matches to players with much lower account levels than yours.

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