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Fishing is one of the hottest minigames right now – no really, there’s lava everywhere in Supergiant Games Hades. Hades is a beautiful rogue-like game worthy of the Game Developers Choice Award Game of the Year honor. One of the game’s fun yet easy minigames is fishing. Players can help Zagreus’ quest to leave the Underworld by catching fish that yield great rewards. This guide will tell you all you need to know to understand fishing in Hades.

Hades: A Complete Fishing Guide

The Rod

Zagreus can’t start fishing right off the bat; you must first acquire the Rod of Fishing. You can purchase the rod from the House Contractor in the House of Hades for one Diamond; the option to buy the rod isn’t readily available though. You must first reach the Temple of Styx (the fourth area in the game) at least once, and purchase the Tartarus Fountain Chamber and the Fated List of Minor Prophecies from the House Contractor.

The Spot

After buying the rod, Fishing Points will start to appear as you go through the Underworld. You will be notified of Fishing Points with a bell-like ting after enemies have been defeated in the chamber (unless, of course, if you are in a Charon’s store, Eurydice, or Patroclus chamber). Then, look for a glowing spot in the water/magma and interact with it. 

Fishing Points will not always spawn though. The percentage of a Fishing Point to spawn is as follows:

AreaSpawn ChanceRequired number of chambers since last Fishing Point
Temple of Styx10%10

Also, it is worth noting that there are ways to increase the chances of getting a Fishing Point. One of these is to purchase a Skeletal Lure when offered in the Well of Charon for 60 Obols. This guarantees a Fishing Point on the next possible chamber. Another way to increase your chances is through the legendary boon from Poseidon called Huge Catch. This boon removes the number of chambers since last Fishing Point requirement and increases the chances of it to spawn in each chamber by 20%. This boon requires the Ocean’s Bounty and Sunken Treasure boons or the Ocean’s Bounty and Conch Shell keepsake.

The Cast

Once you find a spot, fishing is insanely easy: simply interact with it, wait for the pull on the hook that completely submerges it, then interact again as fast as you can as this determines the rarity of the fish caught. Catching the fish in less than 0.34 seconds would result in a perfect catch which guarantees a rare or a 1/21 chance of being a legendary fish and catching in 0.34 to 0.68 seconds would result in a great catch which guarantees a common or a 1/21 chance of a rare fish. Catching fish in 0.68 seconds and over, however, would result in a fail which means no fish will be caught. 

Watch out for fake pulls as interacting with them could cause the catch to fail. Additionally, be careful not to fail as you will not be able to try again since the Fishing Point will disappear right after.

It is also worth mentioning that the types of fish you can catch in each area are different so keep that in mind while farming for certain fish.

The Rewards

You can exchange the fish you caught for various rewards. Simply return to the House of Hades and talk to the Head Chef in, you guessed it, the kitchen. The rewards you will receive for each fish is as follows:

TartarusHellfishCommon5 Gemstones
TartarusKnuckleheadRare20 Gemstones
TartarusScyllascionLegendary30 Gemstones
AsphodelSlavugCommon1 Chthonic Key
AsphodelChrustaceanRare3 Chthonic Keys
AsphodelFlameaterLegendary5 Chthonic Keys
ElysiumChlamCommon1 Nectar
ElysiumCharpRare2 Nectar
ElysiumSeamareLegendary3 Nectar
Temple of StyxGuppCommon20 Gemstones
Temple of StyxScufferRare40 Gemstones
Temple of StyxStonewhalLegendary150 Gemstones
ChaosMatiCommon100 Darkness
ChaosProjellyRare250 Darkness
ChaosVoidskateLegendary500 Darkness
GreeceTroutCommon1 Diamond
GreeceBassRare1 Ambrosia
GreeceSturgeonLegendary1 Titan Blood

It’s very important to note that you should always exchange the fish you caught after every run as they do not carry over to your next run. You definitely don’t want to lose all of your hardearned catch.

Final Thoughts

Catching fish is a great way to collect resources that can help Zagreus escape the Underworld. They can also serve as a chill break from the immensely fun and bloody hacking and slashing. So, keep your eyes peeled for that glowing pool in the water or magma because you won’t want to miss a chance to catch fish.

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