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To say that Muck is challenging is an understatement. The game is still in development, but overall, the whole survival concept of the game is pretty fun. But crafting and fletching is a bit hard, as unlocking and finding new crafting recipes is difficult. For today, read on to find out how to make flax fibers in Muck.

How to Make Flax Fibers in Muck

Muck: How To Make Flax Fibers

There are quite a few uses both for flax and flax fibers, so there is a chance that you will need to find this item in the future, if it wasn’t a necessity until now.

Flax is a flower that usually blossoms near wheat fields, so your bet chance of finding it is near those wheat fields. It doesn’t always spawn like that, but most of the time you have a pretty good chance of running into one which is close to wheat.

Whatever the case may be, after finding the flax, it is quite straightforward to make fibers from it.

Simply find or create a fletching table, and if you have some flax in your inventory, you’re good to go. After interacting with the fletching table, go to Misc and you should see a recipe for flax fibers.

Click on the flax fibers to craft them, and you will get +1 in quantity for every flax flower that you use. For now, flax fibers only have one usage, and that is to craft an armor. More specifically though, the Wolfskin armor.

Generally, the flax flowers spawn in groups of four to five flowers. So, after finding one, search the surrounding area for more flax flowers.

Back in the day, the flax didn’t really have a purpose. It was an esthetic item added by the developers. It was only in version 2.0 that the flax flower got a usage to be crafted into fibers.

Other than that, there is no other use for it for now. However, that might change in the future as Muck is getting regular upgrades, expansions, and reworks.

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