Escape From Tarkov Tagilla: How to Beat New Factory Boss


Todor Stojanov

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Escape From Tarkov is definitely one of the most strategically difficult shooters out there. Sure, there are titles which might be more strategically demanding, especially on the competitive scene, but EFT has layer upon layer of strategy. Whatever the case may be, there are bosses in the game as well. A new one just got added, called Tagilla, and today, we will cover how to beat this new factory boss!

Escape From Tarkov Tagilla: How to Beat New Factory Boss

How To Beat New Factory Boss – Escape From Tarkov | Tagilla

Not being even close to an EFT veteran myself, I wasn’t even aware that there are bosses in this game. But it seems like there are, and some of them are really difficult such as Tagilla.

But, if you want some quick legendary loot, this is the way to go. There are only a few tips you should put to practice and you’re good to go to finish off this boss. Here’s how to beat the new factory boss Tagilla in Escape From Tarkov:

  • Get out the way. If you have come across Tagilla, then you might be aware that he does have a huge hammer. His attacks deal a substantial chunk of your health, so your main goal should be dodging, rather than attacking. Try not to get hit as much as possible.
  • Shoot at his stomach and legs. Tagilla has armor on a large portion of his body, except his legs and stomach. These two are the main weak points of Tagilla, so focus them instead of his other limbs.
  • Don’t waste bullets. Again, only focus his stomach and legs. Avoid wasting bullets on the parts of his body which are metal plated, as you will deal little to no damage.
  • Get in position. Reset. Movement and strategic cover are necessary. Simply keep your distance and change your position often. Go to position, shoot some bullets, then reset to another position.

All in all, those are all the things that you should focus on if you want to take on Tagilla. Since this boss is using a hammer only, it means he is bound to close range, so dodging is quite easy.

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