How to Move Apex Legends from Origin to Steam (7 Easy Steps)



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Since Apex Legends is available on multiple platforms like Steam and Origin, for some players that have already downloaded the game on Origin, they might want to transfer the whole game to Steam without redownloading the whole game. However, is this even possible? Can you transfer Apex Legends from Origin to Steam?

How to Move Apex Legends from Origin to Steam (7 Easy Steps)

Thankfully, this is possible, and today we will cover just that. You might expect that most players want to use Steam as their launcher because it is far more stable, and has been around far more than the Origin suite.

Move Apex Legends from Origin to Steam

There are a few precautions that you need to check-off the list before starting the transfer for Apex. These things include having the game already downloaded through Origin, and finding its install location.

how to move apex from origin to steam

Among these precautions, it is really important that you have the latest version for Apex Legends, in order not to wait for Steam to find the missing updates, and download them.

You can update it through the Origin client.

After that, you can proceed with the transfer for Apex Legends from Origin to Steam, and it goes as follows:

  1. Find your old install location from Origin.
  2. Launch Steam and then find Apex Legends and click install.
  3. Choose a location for install and then open that location from your File Explorer.
  4. move apex legends from origin to steam
  5. Next, make sure that you cancel the Steam install, and quit Steam fully.
  6. Transfer your whole old installation folder to the new one from Steam, and when prompted that files already exist, click “Yes to All” – to replace the files.
  7. Once the transfer is completed, open your Steam application, find Apex Legends, and click install once more.
  8. move apex from origin to steam
  9. The files will start verifying themselves, and download any additional or missing files. You’ll be able to play Apex soon after that.

If you copied the old installation and pasted it to the new one, then you can delete the old one if you aren’t planning to play the game through Origin.

Make sure to update the game before you transfer it, to avoid any additional waiting time!

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