Adopt Me: 10 Most Expensive Houses in the Game



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Within a world with virtually endless possibilities like Adopt Me, you will be expected to make some tough decisions about different pets, toys, houses, and many more things that you will need to buy in the game. With so many choices, it’s easy to see how someone might get overwhelmed by the list of choices for each one of those categories. In light of this fact, we chose to show you the most expensive and practical houses on the market!

Adopt Me: 10 Most Expensive Houses in the Game

We hope that this list will help you in making a decision for what kind of house you will buy or what kind of accommodation you’re looking for!

The 10 Most Expensive Houses in Adopt Me

Some of the mentions in this list you’re already familiar with, and most of them are houses which were added quite later in the game. So, in theory, there might be some that you aren’t aware of.

Nevertheless, the list goes on and on, so being the straightshooter I am, let’s not waste any more time and get straight into it.

Luxury Apartments

This is one of the most expensive houses in Adopt Me, coming in at a whopping 8,000 bucks! However, it can only be sold for 6,000 by players.

It is a six-story building, which means that there are many rooms in it, 22 to be exact. You could easily get lost in this house!

Ruler’s Castle

Coming in at 6,899 bucks, the price point makes this house the second most expensive accommodation in the game.

Hollywood House

Having a custom theater and a custom “cinema” sign in front increases the price of this house to 4,500 bucks.

Party House

The unique esthetic makes it the crowd favorite, and that definitely includes me as well. It has a clean and sharp design when looked at from the outside, and it will set you back 3,575 bucks if you buy it.

Dragon’s Castle

If having a dragon and a windmill as one building is your thing, then this house is the one for you! Because of this enormous dragon, this house costs 3,000 bucks.

Futuristic House

Similar appearance to the Party House, the Futuristic is quite lower in price, but you might wonder why. The truth is, not many know why this house is 2,500 bucks, more than a thousand less than the party house.

Millionaire Mansion

This house isn’t bought with bucks, so we hesitated to put it into this 10 most expensive houses in Adopt Me list, however, Robux still is a currency so it is only fair it is included.

It comes as part of the Millionaire Pack, i.e. the gamepass which costs a whopping 1,250 Robux.

Celebrity Mansion

To get this house, a player must buy the Celebrity Mansion gamepass. This gamepass will cost around 800 Robux. But for that price, you’ll also get a new car!


We already covered some mansions in this list, however, the classic mansion, is just that, a classic! Large enough to throw the largest parties, but also with a large price point. It will cost you 1,944 to buy it.

Modern Mansion

While having an interior that is an exact copy of the Gingerbread house, it has a clean and good-looking exterior, that is worth for the 350 Robux price point.

Even with all of these narrowed choices, one still might get overwhelmed with so many choices. The truth is that the houses in this list are big enough for anything, and beautiful enough to “wow” anyone.

Whichever you decide to end up at the end of the day, all of them are a solid choice.

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