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“Throw” is a fundamental skill you must learn in order to compete in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout! The crown isn’t won just by running freely and many rounds are ready to eliminate you if you don’t know how to properly throw. So, let’s learn!

How To Throw In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Throwing in Fall Guys – How it Works

Whenever you grab an egg in “Egg Scramble” for example, to successfully throw it in your pit you need to – JUMP, then quickly DIVE forward, and while you’re still flying in the ear press GRAB/RELEASE.

What this will do is that it will launch your Fall Guy high in the air and fly it forward, then the egg will be released and thrown in the distance ahead.

For some it might look complex and overwhelming, but believe us – it’s not!

How To Throw in Fall Guys PC & PS4

There isn’t a sole button for Throw, but it is an action that you can perform by pressing other buttons in a quick succession. Here is the formula:

  • For PC/Steam users: SPACE BAR (jump) + CTRL (dive) + SHIFT (grab/release)
  • For PlayStation 4 users: X (jump) + SQUARE (dive) + R2 (grab/release)

Practice Makes It Perfect

Practice makes everything perfect so don’t wait to get some workout whenever you’re in “Egg Scramble”!

This rapid combo will shortly become a second nature and you’ll be able to win your every egg battle.

No one throws eggs perfectly in Fall Guys and everybody is constantly learning. It’s always a good time to train your Throwing so go ahead and start some games. Repeat the JUMP + DIVE + GRAB combo and become an egg master!

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