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No one will deny anymore that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is their guilty pleasure. The game has become the ultimate go-to button you press when you want to have fun, so it’s no wonder that players love to pour hours in it, both in playing the game and watching others do it.

How to Spectate in Fall Guys

Mediatonic’s hit title has really gotten us all hooked up on this candy adventure that we’re all shaking as if from a sugar crash when we aren’t a part of it. And because we can’t always play it, we want to watch our friends play it instead. But how do you spectate friends in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout?

How Do You Spectate Friends In Fall Guys

Right now you’ve got only one option throught elimination. When you’re teamed up with a premade group inside Fall Guys, you’re able to watch each other only after one of you gets eliminated.

To clear up – you jump into a game with your friends (no matter how big the number) and it just so happens that you slip off the platform and get “Eliminated”. Then the screen will change and you’ll begin to see other surviving players running through the round.

If you flick enough times on your controller or keyboard, you’ll find your friend’s characters and you’ll be able to watch them play the rest of the game.

Can You Spectate Friends If You Aren’t In A Group

No. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout does not have the option to spectate anyone if you aren’t in a group with them, except the given 59 other players that are inside your game – but only after you get eliminated and you don’t leave that very game.

It is a bit of a limiting thing, because choosing a name from your friend list and loading their game on your screen to watch it has become a somewhat standard feature in most modern games, but it is what it is.

Make sure to team up with your buddies first in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and then watch each other chase that sweet crown!

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