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Living in a haunted house for a week is a challenge Simmers must complete to earn Rewards Points and unlock a set of clothing in The Sims 4. Find out how to survive in a house of spooks and terrors in this guide!

How to Survive in a Haunted House in The Sims 4

In The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff Pack, we get creatures that have crossed over to the other side but come back to haunt the living. Mischievous entities, creepy markings, and cursed dolls are some of the anomalies that spawn in haunted houses at night. Your Sims can interact with these apparitions but get terrified upon their contact, rendering them almost impossible to control.

How to Survive in a Haunted House for Seven Days

Living in a haunted house poses many challenges, but accomplishing this one might be worth your time. Each successful night will grant your Sims 250 to 500 Rewards Points. What’s more, you’ll be rewarded with a full-body outfit at the end of the week. So here are the steps you will need to take to prevail in this challenge.

Step one: Live in a Haunted House

HH Lot

Before anything else, you must change your property’s lot type into a Haunted House Residential. Alternatively, you can use the premade house, Duplantier Dwelling, and place it in a world. The Forgotten Hollow world from the Vampires Pack emits a creepy and eerie vibe that is the perfect place to build a haunted house.

HH LotTraits

Next, create a Sim or use your current household and transfer it into an empty lot. You can add Lot Traits to your haunted house if you think scaring Sims with ghostly encounters isn’t enough. Creepy Crawlies, for example, can turn your lot into a bug’s lair. Vampires will occasionally hang around at your place if you choose the Vampire Nexus lot trait.


Another way to make it more challenging is to purchase a Helping Hand statue and use it to enable Heroic Mode. This mode allows you to decrease the spiritual serenity in your Sims’ home, and thus, they will earn more Rewards points for successfully braving the spooks each night.

HH 1stnight

Specters, cursed dolls, and mysterious puddles will start spawning anywhere in the house on your first night. A message will pop out at 9:00 PM on your first night, welcoming you to the horrors that are about to unfold. The message will present you with two options: “I can do this!” and “Why am I here again?”. The former is the best choice since picking it will give your Sim a confidence boost, as opposed to the second option, which will only give them a scared moodlet.

Step two: Become a Medium


The most sensible thing to do when living in a house haunted by ghosts is to get someone who can tap into the unseen realm and tame the paranormal. The Medium Skill is a minor skill Sims can learn to summon ethereal beings, perform ceremonies, and commune with the spirits.

To gain the Medium Skill, you must purchase a Séance table from Buy mode and interact with it. Performing ceremonies can strengthen the house’s spiritual volatility and abolish all ghostly apparitions. Specters are easier to appease, and terrifying events occur less in a house with good spiritual balance.

Keep in mind that a Sim’s Energy bar gets depleted fast when they perform ceremonies or rituals on the Séance table, so they must replenish it before they start developing and fine-tuning their psychic abilities.

Doing a Group Séance with their roomies or family members can increase the likelihood of a successful ceremony. You can invite anyone, young or old, psychic or non-psychic, as long as their basic needs are all fulfilled and they are in a positive mood.

Guidry the Spirit Guide

HH Guidry

Dealing with paranormal occurrences that pop out left and right might be overwhelming, but you can get by with a little help from a friendly ghost. 

Claude René Duplantier Guidry or Guidry will start appearing at the haunted lot on the second day you move in. Guidry’s nightly duties consist of him walking through walls and seducing other Sims. You can ask him about the ins and outs of a haunted house residential lot, and he will gladly tell you how to handle the scary encounters that come with it. Guidry can help you with tasks such as cleaning out ghastly puddles or removing accursed objects.

Aside from that, Guidry can be your ticket to becoming a Paranormal Investigator. It’s a freelance career that gives Sims legal clearance to visit haunted houses, where scared owners would ask you to banish all kinds of supernatural creatures around their property.


A psychic Sim would definitely benefit well from this career, but you will need to get Guidry’s permission before you can start purging spirits for a living. You can only acquire the Paranormal Investigator license once you max out the medium skill. But if you are willing to squander some of your Rewards Points, you can pay 3,000 points for a license in the Rewards store to get instant access to this career.

Step three: Maintain Peace 


If you like managing a large household, making more than one Sim learn the medium skill is a wise choice. Sims will experience more creepy situations if you let strange objects and markings spread all over the house.

On that note, you may struggle to keep things under control on your first nights, even with the guidance of Guidry. Apart from performing ceremonies at a Séance table, there are more ways to make the rest of your stay in a haunted house residential lot easier:

Mop Slimy Puddles

HH Puddle

Slimy or not, puddles are an eyesore and must be mopped up immediately. Mysterious symbols will also appear out of nowhere, and Sims must clean them off with a mop.

Stomp on all Accursed objects

HH Doll

Strange objects like creepy dolls, dead plants, and clay hands will pop randomly to unnerve Sims. If you have the Cats & Dogs pack installed, your pets will feel jittery around them. Stomping on these accursed objects is the only way you can destroy them.

Deal with Specters

HH Specter

Specters are naturally drawn to houses with the haunted lot trait. Your Sim’s experience with Specters will vary on their color. Either way, Sims will get creeped out when they come across these Casper-looking entities.

You will mostly encounter green-colored friendly ones that can radiate happiness to the Sims surrounding it. The mysterious blue ones are mostly harmless until provoked. And the red specter exists to make your Sims’ lives a living nightmare. If you see your Sims suddenly feeling embarrassed out of nowhere, a rare yellow-colored specter must be near them.

HH Specter2

One way or another, your psychic Sim will have to deal with these specters so they wouldn’t bother anyone else in the household. The good thing is they can also leave behind treasures upon leaving.

Sims can try communicating with them and politely ask them to leave if they are brave enough to do it. Of course, there’s a chance for this action to fail and get negative moodlets as a result.

You can also sell a fraction of your Sim’s soul to get these specters to skedaddle, but at the cost of getting sad moodlets for the rest of the evening.

The best option would be to appease specters by giving them homemade items. These are handcrafted items made by Sims, such as paintings, sculptures, knitted fabrics, photographs, etc. You may lose some of your crafted items, but it is the most efficient and foolproof method of sending the specters away.

Get your Priorities Straight

HH Stomp

Specters usually begin spawning at 9:00 PM. Most of them are green or blue-colored. If you allow strange objects to spread around the lot, some of them may turn into mischievous red ones. And that is why it’s important to know which tasks to prioritize when purging strange objects and creatures from your house.

Your Sims can start by stamping on the accursed objects and mopping up glowing, strange markings before moving on to the specters. If paranormal activities like flickering lights persist, making your Sims console each other or discuss their fears will help them lessen their anxiety.

Put on a Brave Face

HH BeBrave

Sims with psychic abilities can be handy in scary situations, but they also get easily spooked, much like any regular Sims. Unfortunately, you can’t choose the Brave trait for Sims in CAS, but you can spend 8,000 Reward Points for this trait in the Rewards Store. Having the Brave reward Trait does not prevent Sims from feeling afraid, but it shortens the period they get affected by their fear.

Step four: Assert dominance against Temperance

HH Temperance1

A few days after meeting Guidry, your Sims will come face-to-face with the ghost of Guidry’s ex-lover and greatest adversary, Temperance

Temperance acts like the biggest hurdle Simmers must overcome to finish this challenge. She is a heinous spirit that appears on the fifth day of your stay in a haunted house.

HH Temperance

It is heavily implied that she died from a broken heart due to Guidry’s unfaithfulness, which is why she is deadset on ruining the lives of anyone around her. She can increase the number of spiritual activities in a home, make more cursed objects, destroys furniture, and scare Sims out of their wits.

Asking Temperance to leave politely will likely fail and do you more harm than good, but there are a couple of ways you can do to get rid of this angry spirit.

Hire Bonehilda

20211015105735 1

Bonehilda is a skeletal housekeeper you can hire for free, but only if you have enough psychic powers to summon her. Mediums who have reached skill Level 4 can call upon Bonehilda anytime using the Séance table.

As long as Bonehilda’s around, your Sims are guaranteed to stay safe from Temperance’s wrath. She will launch herself at Temperance and fight with her until the latter throws in the towel and leaves.

Get the Bizarre Idol


The Bizzare Idol is a decorative item Guidry gives you if you ask for his help in getting rid of Temperance. The bitter poltergeist can be warded off using this idol and will immediately flee upon sensing it.

Buy Sacred Candles

HH Candles

One of the most troublesome things Temperance does is to use the Séance table to impose more diabolical damage on your home. To prevent her from going near your Séance table, place some Sacred Candles near or around it. Plus, they give off a calming aroma that helps Sim relax and feel less afraid.

You can get some Sacred Candles in the Rewards Store. Some Specters may also occasionally leave some candles behind if you offer them homemade items.

Step five: Accept the Rewards

HH Completed

After your face-off with Temperance, you will most likely be able to breeze through the rest of the week. Just continue trying to keep things in order, and you’ll be able to last for seven days in your haunted home.

After accomplishing this challenge, Guidry will hand you over his favorite set of clothes, which you can now access in CAS. A total of 1,750 Reward Points can be gained from living in a haunted mansion for a week (3,500 if you turn on Heroic Mode.)

And that is it for our Sims 4: Haunted House Survival guide. Check out our guide on How to Become a Paranormal Investigator and How to Summon Bonehilda here on!

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