GTA 5: Shift Work Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Franklin puts his driving skills to the test.

GTA 5: Shift Work Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Franklin’s driving skills are definitely his greatest asset. The ability to slow down time and clear corners while going 100 MPH helps the protagonist outrun and evade cops, chase down targets in pursuit, and make quick work of Hao’s street races.

Speaking of Hao, Shift Work is one of many street races that Hao will invite Franklin to. Since this is a Strangers and Freaks mission, you need to complete these races if you want to finish GTA 5 with 100% completion on your save file.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Shift Work and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Shift Work Synopsis

While driving through Pillbox Hill and along Adam’s Apple Boulevard, Franklin spots Hao parked along a random alley. Franklin approaches Hao, and the pair catch up for a bit.

Hao invites Franklin to a racing competition just a few blocks from the alley. Before Hao leaves, he tells Franklin about a silver medal with Franklin’s name already on it, implying the best that Franklin can do in the race is second place next to Hao.

image 38

Franklin doesn’t take the insult lightly, so he makes his way to the race competition along Carson Avenue. Franklin arrives just in time, as the rest of the grid has already lined up at the start line.

The race involves six other cars, but despite starting from 5th place, Franklin breezes through the other cars en route to a win.

image 39

After the race, Hao sends Franklin a message telling him how he got lucky in the race. Hao also invites Franklin to other races around Los Santos.

Shift Work Gold Medal Objectives

image 37
  • Fastest Lap: Complete a lap within 01:20.
  • Underdog: Finish the race within 02:50.
  • Clean Race: Finish the race with less than 5 collisions.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can come back another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Shift Work Mission Guide

Get a fast car or just take Franklin’s muscle car and drive to the race location in Chamberlain Hills.

image 41
image 42
image 43

Look for the yellow spot. This is your place on the six-car grid.

image 44

The race will start immediately. Get ready to use Franklin’s special ability to catapult yourself out of the rear.

image 45

Make sure you avoid collisions with other cars as much as possible. Use Franklin’s special ability to avoid hitting the other cars.

image 46

Use Franklin’s special ability to clear tight turns. Don’t worry too much about draining his special ability bar, as going at or above 90% of your car’s top speed will continuously refill the special ability bar.

image 47
image 48

The race is a two-lap race around a predetermined route around Chamberlain Hills. The course offers a good mix of elevation changes that can upset your car’s balance.

Since this is still a street race, expect a couple of random vehicles as you race through Chamberlain Hills. Use Franklin’s special ability to get yourself out of tight situations.

image 49

Spamming Franklin’s special ability will help you lap the course in less than 1 minute and 20 seconds. This means that you’ll easily clear the Fastest Lap and Underdog Gold Medal Objectives.

The Clean Race Gold Medal Objective should be easy to complete as well since you’ll be driving alone for most of the race anyway.

image 50

Grinding Gears

Franklin’s special ability makes the Hao races easy – Shift Work is no exception. Just make sure to bring a decently quick car, as you’ll need to complete a lap in less than 01:20 and finish the race in less than 02:50. Spamming Franklin’s special ability also helps you save time and clear turns in the race easily.

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