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Being an extremely high reward map, it’s expected that The Reserve is also high risk. As such, every extract on this map has some kind of prerequisite that must be met in order to be used. Here, we’ll go over these prerequisites and the locations of every extract on the map, Scav and PMC.

Escape from Tarkov: Reserve Extraction Points

Escape From Tarkov Extraction Points

Armored Train

Prerequisite: Wait for the Train to arrive and depart

After 25-35 minutes of a raid, the Armored Train will arrive, honking its horn twice. It’ll stop at the White Rook building on the eastern side of the map, sometimes triggering Raiders to spawn.

The train will remain at the station for 7 minutes, honking once a minute before it leaves, and two more times when the doors close. It will only arrive and depart once.

If you’re going for this extract, it might be worth finding a place to camp out for a while before the train departs, after clearing out any Raiders that may have spawned.

Bunker Hermetic Door

Prerequisite: Activate lever in electrical room outside of White Pawn

The small electrical room outside of White Pawn will trigger a klaxon that signals this extraction being opened. Any player activating this lever will trigger the extraction for all players, but will only last for 4 minutes before needing to be activated again.

The location of the actual extraction is inside the eastern Hermetic Bunker door, down the catwalk and behind the chain fence. A light above the extraction will be lit up green when it is open, and red at all other times.

Be careful, as Raiders may spawn in the area when the lever is flipped, and players occasionally camp the extract for anyone attempting to extract.

Scavs Lands

Prerequisite: A Friendly Player Scav and PMC

South of the Black Bishop building is a large guardshack next to a road that leads to a gate out of the base. The end of that road with the gate is the location of this extract. It is unlikely that you will be using this extract, but in the case that you do, all players will receive some kind of reward for extracting in peace.

Sewer Manhole

Prerequisite: No Backpack Equipped

On the north side of the Knight lot is a gas station. Behind the gas station is a truck and Generator that sit on either side of a sewer manhole. Staying in that general area will be the extraction.

Be careful, as players may occasionally camp this extraction or attempt to bait you with a thrown away backpack.

PMC Only Extraction Points

Cliff Descent

Prerequisite: 1x Paracord, 1x Red Rebel Ice Pick, No Armored Vest

On the north side of White Queen is a chain link fence. This is the location of this extract. Much like the Cliff Descent extract on Woods, this extract requires you to have a Paracord and Red Rebel Ice pick, along with having no armored vest equipped. You can have an armored carrier rig instead if you’re worried about having no body protection, or you can leave room to stash your vest in your backpack.

This is likely the easiest extract to use, if you are able to avoid extract campers. The requirements are the difficult part, as Red Rebel Ice Picks will run you several million on the flea market, or a lot of farming the Scav Boss Shturman for a chance at it.


Prerequisite: Activate lever in the bunker underneath the Pawn/King/Bishop lot, press button in the D-2 Bunker.

Flipping the power switch in the underground area beneath the Pawn/King/Bishop lot will activate the first stop of this extract. After flipping this switch, run up the underground tunnel that leads to the Queen building, and go down the side path that leads down a set of stairs and into a small radio bunker. The door in the back will allow you to access the D-2 Bunker extract, where you’ll need to press a button to open the door to get in.

This is a decently safe method to get out of the map, but it may also spawn raiders in the underground tunnels, so be careful on your way out.

Scav Only Extraction Points

CP Fence:

Beyond the sewer manhole north of the Knight lot is an open field with a guardhouse. The far corner of that field, beside the BMP is the location of this extract.

Depot Hermetic Door

In the underground warehouse beneath the Hermetic Bunker is a pair of doors on either side between the cages that lead up and out of the bunker. The door on the eastern side between the PSP1 and PSP2 cages leads into a hallway. The end of that hallway is the location of this extraction.

Hole in the Fence by the Mountains

Behind the Black Pawn building, on the west border of the map, is a guard tower overlooking the wall of the military base. If you head there, you’ll likely wander your way into the location of the extract.

Heating Pipe

West of the Hermetic Bunkers is a pair of brown pipes that lead out of the base. If you follow these pipes, you’ll find your way to where the pipes go over the wall and out of the base, marking the location of this extract. Sitting behind the pipe is a safe location for this extract.

Hopefully with this information you’ll be able to smash and grab, and get out alive. Good luck out in the city of Tarkov.

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