How to unlock Taliana Martinez


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Unlock the skilled heist driver and get a better chance of completing jobs in GTA 5.

How to unlock Taliana Martinez

Franklin, Michael, and Trevor’s combined skill and experience help them get through the most of GTA 5 heists. Robbing a well-protected holding bank by the sea is no problem for Michael and the crew. And you can expect the trio to get out of tough situations with barely a scratch on them.

The trio recognizes the value a few capable helping hands can bring to a job. A capable getaway driver can help them make sure they can escape sticky situations in one piece.

Taliana Martinez is one of the more capable drivers you can add to your crew in GTA 5. This quick guide will show you how to unlock Taliana Martinez.

Who is Taliana in GTA 5?

Taliana Martinez is a Mexican-American woman that appears in the Random Event Crash Rescue in GTA 5. Talina is a very capable driver and is no stranger to vehicular getaways.

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Taliana and her crew were robbing a pawnshop downtown, but they were cut short when they found out that the police set up the job. Subsequently, two of her crewmates were captured by the cops, while the other managed to get in the getaway car with Taliana.

With exceptional driving ability, Taliana manages to escape the pursuing cops and pass three roadblocks. Eventually, her crewmate suddenly decides to pull a knife on her out of nowhere while she is speeding away in traffic, causing her to crash her vehicle, leading to the death of her crewmate.

The after events of the crash lead up perfectly to the Crash Rescue Random Event, where you must deliver Taliana to a target destination as quickly as possible to keep her from dying.

How to unlock Taliana Martinez

You can unlock Taliana Martinez by completing the Crash Rescue Random Event in GTA 5. Moreover, you can encounter this Random Event after completing The Jewel Store Job’s main story mission.

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The Crash Rescue Random Event is fairly easy to complete. You can find this Random Event on the Great Ocean Highway in Mount Chiliad while using Franklin, Michael, or Trevor. All you have to do is pick up Taliana Martinez and take her to 7184 Colla Springs Avenue in Sandy Shores so she can get treated for her wounds.

After completing the Crash Rescue Random Event, you can add Taliana Martinez to your list of hirable crew members.

What happens if she dies?

Taliana Martinez will die unless you deliver her to the target destination on time. When this happens, you will automatically fail the Random Event, and Taliana Martinez will not be added to your list of Crew Members.

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In any case, you can encounter the Crash Rescue Random Event again later. You have another chance at completing the Random Event and unlocking Taliana Martinez as a crew member for future heists.

Is Taliana Martinez a good crew member?

Taliana Martinez is one of the better crew members in GTA 5. She is a very capable getaway driver, and her cut is significantly lower than other crew members in the game.

Taliana Martinez only asks for a 5% cut for every job in GTA 5. She is unquestionably a great choice if you want to get more money after a heist. Your takeaway money will be much bigger with Taliana as your getaway driver.

Dependable Getaway Driver

Taliana Martinez is a great crew member who performs well in GTA 5. You cannot go wrong with Taliana Martinez as your getaway driver on almost every heist job you do in the game.

Complete the Crash Rescue Random Event as soon as it is available after The Jewel Store Job, so you can start employing Taliana Martinez on your future heist jobs.

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