GTA 5: The Jewel Store Job – Smart Approach Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Franklin proves his worth in his first heist with Michael.

GTA 5: The Jewel Store Job - Smart Approach Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Franklin has already proven himself to Michael once before when the pair went to rescue Michael’s son Jimmy from some gangsters.

Franklin has since tagged along with Michael as he hopes to learn what it takes to live the same life as Michael does.

In one of their outings together, Franklin tags along with Michael as the latter makes a huge mistake when he accidentally destroys Martin Madrazo’s home, forcing Michael to go back to his old ways to cover the damages he has caused to the renowned businessman.

Michael turns to Lester for help. Lester suggests Michael steal jewelry from a jewelry store in downtown Los Santos.

After quickly scouting the area for options, Lester comes up with a plan to allow Michael and his crew to steal the gems from the store and escape the police safely.

In this guide, we have outlined everything you need to know about The Jewel Store Job and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

The Jewel Store Job Synopsis

Franklin, Michael, Lester, and the rest of the crew meet at Darnell Bros. to finalize The Jewel Store job. Michael briefs the crew on what to do when things go bad but insists he does not have to, as he is confident everything will go fine.

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Lester tells the entire crew that he could have done the hacking job himself but could not, as he oversees the operation.

As such, Lester tells the hacker that the window they have to take the jewelry inside the store depends on how well the hacker does his job.

Michael lays down the plan to the crew one last time before they leave Darnell Bros. After which, Michael and Franklin head to the Jewelry Store complex so Franklin can plant the bug sprays in the Jewelry Store’s ventilation system.

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After Franklin successfully puts every person in the Jewelry Store to sleep, Michael, the driver, and the gunman infiltrate it and take all the jewelry they can within the time window.

15 6

Michael exits the building with all the jewelry secured but spots Franklin arguing with a security guard. Michael knocks down the security guard and hands Franklin the bag of jewelry. Franklin and the rest of the crew escape the area and the cops through a pre-determined route through the underground tunnels.

18 9

Their chase eventually leads them to the Los Santos river, where multiple cop cars have begun tailing Franklin and the crew. Michael eventually arrives at the scene in his truck, just in time to knock most of the cops away from Franklin and the crew.

With most of the cops out of the picture, Michael and the crew stop near the Los Santos river exit to load the bikes onto the back of the truck. After securing the crew and their bikes, Michael drives to the designated lockup where Lester is waiting.

Michael and the crew complete the mission, much to Michael’s satisfaction. Lester tells the rest of the crew that he’ll wire their cuts after all the jewelry has been sold and asks everyone to leave the area and keep a low profile.

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Satisfied with Franklin’s performance on his first job, Michael invites Franklin to dinner at his house after he and Lester finish things up on their end.

The Jewel Store Job Gold Medal Objectives

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  • Quick Grab: Steal the jewelry within 50 seconds.
  • Protege Protected: Protect Franklin during the LS River chase.
  • Clean Sweep: Steal the jewelry from all 20 glass cabinets.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can return another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

The Jewel Store Job Mission Guide

Pick the Smart Approach to start.

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Pick Karim Denz as your driver, Packie McReary as your Gunman, and Rickie Lukens as your Hacker.

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Get in Michael’s car and drive to the jewel store.

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The play will switch to Franklin. Get to the rooftop and look for the vantage point.

9 17

Switch to the BZ Gas Grenades and aim for the vent.

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12 6
14 8

Switching to first-person mode will help speed up the process. Start from the cabinets closest to you and work toward the back. Take all the jewelry within 50 seconds to complete the Quick Grab Gold Medal Objective.

Make sure you take all the jewelry from all the cabinets to complete the Clean Sweep Gold Medal Objective.

17 9

The play will switch back to Franklin. Just follow the other crew members into the tunnels.

20 4

Feel free to use Franklin’s special ability to help make tight turns more manageable.

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23 5

As soon as Franklin and the crew arrive at the Los Santos river, the play will switch back to Michael. Take out all the cop cars and protect Franklin to get the Protege Protected Gold Medal Objective.

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26 3

The van is very durable, which makes taking out the cop cars a walk in the park.

28 2

After clearing the Los Santos river of cop cars, Michael and the crew will stop at the river exit to load the bikes onto the van.

Drive to the marked location on the map to complete the mission.

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Nice and Easy

The Jewelry Store Job is the first of many heist missions you will play in GTA 5. There are just three Gold Medal Objectives to complete in The Jewel Store job since this mission is an introductory mission to full-blown heists in the game.

Follow the detailed guide above to get a good idea about how you can get all three Gold Medal Objectives in this mission in a single run.

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