How To Use Eyes of Vengeance in Lords of the Fallen


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Despite sharing the same title, the brand-new Lords of the Fallen will occur 1,000 years after the first one. This soul-like role-playing game from Hexworks and CI Games allows the player to journey through a vast, interconnected world, traversing the worlds of the living and the dead.

How To Use Eyes of Vengeance in Lords of the Fallen

Embarking on a journey in Lords of the Fallen often demands mastering the intricacies of various abilities. In the game, the Eyes of Vengeance is a formidable item that can help the player’s journey. This guide will explore how to use the Eyes of Vengeance the player finds in the game.

We will offer insights and strategies to help players maximize their potential and even how to acquire this mysterious item. Through this, the player can emerge victorious in their encounters within the dark and treacherous realms of the game.

The Eye of Vengeance

The Eye of Vengeance is one of the many consumable items players can find and acquire in Lords of the Fallen. According to the item’s flavor text in the game, the player can use this item to reveal more opportunities for vengeance.

The player can also increase their Radiance to view more hidden information that states, “For some, rather than being a release from pain, death is instead a gateway to the fresh torments of Umbral.” Let us learn more about the Eyes of Vengeance and how to use them.

How to Use the Eye of Vengeance

Because it is a consumable item, the player can use it by simply selecting the Eyes of Vengeance from the player’s inventory. The player will then ingest an eye and get its benefits.

As for its effects, it is important to understand that, in Lords of the Fallen, the player will be able to avenge the death of other game players. For this, the player must be connected to the internet. Once connected, the player will occasionally stumble upon a red lantern. This lantern represents another player who perished at a given point during their playthrough.

When players see this red lantern, they must approach it and use the Umbral Lamp to soulflay it. Once that is done, the player will be able to observe the soul of the slain lampbearer. The player will then find a red line of moths or butterflies. These will lead the player to the enemy that killed the other player. 

When the player reaches the opponent that killed another player, they will notice a red name on the top of the enemy. This is the name of the other player who was killed in battle. The player must now eliminate this tagged enemy. If the player defeats it and avenges their fellow player, the avenger will receive Plucked Eyeballs. This is the main way that the player will obtain Plucked Eyeballs. The player can use this as currency in Skyrest Bridge’s Shrine of the Putrid Mother.

When using an Eye of Vengeance, the player will now find more of these red lanterns across the different areas in the game. Because of that, the player can avenge other players’ deaths and gather Plucked Eyeballs. With that, the player can use the gathered Plucked Eyeballs to buy more items from the Shrine of the Putrid Mother.

If the player still has difficulty finding red lanterns with the help of an Eye of Vengeance, the player can visit challenging regions. An example of these areas is The Forsaken Fen. In these areas, the player may have a higher chance of encountering red lanterns of defeated players.

After the player follows the red lantern, defeats the enemy, and avenges a defeated player for the first time, the player will unlock the Vengeance for the Fallen trophy/achievement.

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How to Get

The player approaching the Shrine of the Putrid Mother.
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The player can get an Eye of Vengeance from several sources. The following are the places where the player can obtain the Eyes of Vengeance:


The player can buy an Eye of Vengeance from Molhu for 1,000 Vigor. Molhu is an Umbral High Priest NPC and Merchant. The player can only engage with Molhu while exploring the Umbral Realm. Molhu offers many consumable items, upgrade materials, spells, a ranged weapon, and a ring. Aside from buying and selling different items, the player can interact with Molhu to upgrade the Umbral Lamp, socket Umbral Eyes into the Umbral Lamp, and offer Remembrance.

The player can head to Skyrest Bridge, in the chamber at the side of the Main Hall, to find Molhu. The player must turn left from the Skyrest Bridge’s Main Hall towards the stairs that lead into a room. The lamp will begin to glow brighter and make a sound once the player gets to the top of the stairs.

This means there is something significant in the Umbral Realm. The player can then search the area for an NPC using the lamp. Cross to the Umbral Realm while holding out the lamp to find Molhu.

Shrine of the Putrid Mother

The player can buy some at the Shrine of the Putrid Mother to obtain an Eye of Vengeance. The player can purchase an Eye of Vengeance in the 1st tier of the Shrine of the Putrid Mother for 100 Plucked Eyeballs. This is a statue that the player can only reach when in the Umbral Realm. The player may interact with it to buy several Armor and other items. However, the player can only buy things at the Shrine of the Putrid Mother using Plucked Eyeballs.

The player can find the Shrine of the Putrid Mother near Molhu. The player must proceed to the left side of the Vestige of Ethryg and reach the entryway on the left. Next, proceed up the stairs and follow the path. To interact with the Shrine of the Putrid Mother, which can be seen across the steps, the player must be in the Umbral Realm

The Shrine of the Putrid Mother has three different tiers. The player can access these tiers after spending a specific amount of Plucked Eyeballs. Each level offers different sorts of Armor and items for the player to buy. To track its progress, keep an eye on the bar below. The progress bar will fill whenever the player buys items using Plucked Eyeballs.

Because this is an online feature, the progress bar represents the player’s progress and the entire game community. Whenever other players contribute their Plucked Eyeballs, it fills the progress bar for all online players. As a result, the player and the community will need to donate many Plucked Eyeballs. Doing so will fulfill the progress bar and gain access to the other tiers.


Another way for the player to acquire an Eye of Vengeance is from Winterberrry. She is an NPC and Merchant in the game. She is part of Byron’s questline to find Catrin’s missing pendant. Her goals would be uncovered a while later. However, she was previously considered a monster who stole the pendant. 

The player can initially find Winterberry in the tunnels in Revelation Depths. The player must first emerge victorious against the Skinstealer boss battle to find her. Players can find this boss at the top of the stairs of the Cistern. Once that is done, the player must use the Drainage Control Key to decrease the water level inside the Cistern. This will allow the player to enter the depths where the player can find Winterberry.

From Winterberry, the player can purchase an Eye of Vengeance for 1,000 Vigor. This consumable item is available in Winterberry’s default inventory. Aside from that, the player can buy a lot of different items like other consumables, rings, an upgrade material, a pendant, a quest item, a weapon, a helm, gauntlets, leg armor, and chest armor.


Understanding Eyes of Vengeance in Lords of the Fallen could help the player’s journey. Being familiar with its use and what it leads to is crucial. Through this, the player will be able to avenge the deaths of the community of players worldwide.

With practice, Eyes of Vengeance can become an important aspect of the player’s arsenal. This can empower the player as it is a gateway to obtaining more important items. Embrace its potential, hone your skills, and let this potent item elevate your journey through the treacherous realms of Lords of the Fallen!

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