How to Use the Bone Mill in Stardew Valley


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Stardew Valley is no doubt an ideal place for farming. The rich loam soil covering most of your farm has all the qualities to grow crops. Add a dash of fertilizer, and that soil can cultivate the best-tasting fruits and veggies in the valley. Fertilizers are purchased from various shops, but you can make some on your own using a Bone Mill. This guide will teach you how to use the Bone Mill machine properly.

How to Use the Bone Mill in Stardew Valley

Crafting the Bone Mill in Stardew Valley

The Bone Mill refining machine can make fertilizer from bones and artifacts. It is a piece of equipment you can build using different raw resources. Getting to a specific player level is not a requirement to learn how to craft the Bone Mill. Its recipe is not available in any store or any festival booth. You can only earn it by completing the Special Boards Quest: Fragments of the Past.

BoneMill Craft

To make a Bone Mill, you will need the following items:

  • 20 Stones
  • 3 Clay
  • 10 Bone Fragments

Stones and Clay are the easiest to obtain; you will only need a few to craft one Bone Mill. Bone Fragments are commonly found on the Ginger Island Dig Site. The Dig Site has Bone Nodes that spawn everywhere in that area. These nodes drop a couple of Bone Fragments when you break them.

Getting Bones for the Bone Mill

BoneMill Bones

The Bone Mill takes in different bones and grinds them into fertilizer. If you want excessive fertilizers, keeping a pile of remains in your chest is best. Here are the locations of various bone items, fossils, and artifacts spread throughout the valley:

The Mines: Defeating Skeletons

Quarry Mine: Defeating Haunted Skulls

Outside the Mines: Digging up Artifact Spots, Fishing Treasure Chests

Skull Cavern: Mining, Destroying Barrels and Crates, Defeating Pepper Rexes

Ginger Island: Mining, Digging up Artifact Spots, Defeating Lava Lurks, Panning, Fishing Treasure Chests

Before the Bone Mill came with the 1.5 game update, fossils were donated to the museum or displayed on your farmhouse. Now, you can use them to produce fertilizers. Here is the list of assorted items you can put in the Bone Mill:

BoneMill Amphibian Amphibian Fossil

BoneMill BoneFragments Bone Fragments

BoneMill FossilizedLeg Fossilized Leg

BoneMill FossilizedRibs Fossilized Ribs

BoneMill FossilizedSkull Fossilized Skull

BoneMill FossilizedSpine Fossilized Spine

BoneMill FossilizedTail Fossilized Tail

BoneMill MummifiedBat Mummified Bat

BoneMill MummifiedFrog Mummified Frog

BoneMill NautilusFossil Nautilus Fossil

BoneMill PalmFossil Palm Fossil

BoneMill PrehistoricRib Prehistoric Rib

BoneMill PrehistoricScapula Prehistoric Scapula

BoneMill PrehistoricSkull Prehistoric Skull

BoneMill PrehistoricTibia Prehistoric Tibia

BoneMill PrehistoricVertebra Prehistoric Vertebra

BoneMill SkeletalHand Skeletal Hand

BoneMill SkeletalTail Skeletal Tail

BoneMill SnakeSkull Snake Skull

BoneMill SnakeVertebrae Snake Vertebrae

BoneMill Trilobite Trilobite

Note that five Bone Fragment pieces are required to produce fertilizer. Aside from that, you must only put one bone item into the Bone Mill to make it work.

How to Use The Bone Mill in Stardew Valley

BoneMill Produce

The Bone Mill functions like any other piece of equipment in the game. Take out an item from your inventory, put it into the machine, wait for four in-game hours for the item to process, and you will get packs of fertilizers. The Bone Mill spits out different types of fertilizer, but you will get a random one each time you use it. You can even obtain more fertilizers than usual if you get lucky.

Here are all the types of fertilizers the Bone Mill can produce. This list also includes the number of packs you can obtain:

  • 3 packs of Deluxe Speed-Gro
  • 10 packs of Quality Fertilizer
  • 5 packs of Speed-Gro
  • 5 packs of Tree Fertilizer

Now that you know how to use the Bone Mill, you can save all that money you would spend on packs of fertilizers and use all the ancient bones you can collect in the game.

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