How to Complete the Fragments of the Past Quest in Stardew Valley


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Learn how to complete the Fragments of the Past Quest in Stardew Valley!

How to Complete the Fragments of the Past Quest in Stardew Valley

Fragments of the Past is a quest given by Gunther, the town’s librarian, and curator of the Stardew Valley Museum. Since he is also an avid collector of artifacts, Gunther will be looking for someone to collect 100 Pieces of Bones for him.

Bone Fragments, Animal Remains, and Fossilized Artifacts are some of the bone items you will need to gather for Gunther’s quest. Collecting many things quickly may not be easy, but you can complete the quest with minimal effort if you follow the tips we have written in this guide.

The Special Orders Board

The Fragments of the Past quest can be accessed on the Special Orders Board located south of the mayor’s house. If you head to the town on Fall 2 during the day in your first year, you will see a cutscene where the board gets introduced to the townspeople.

Fragments SpecialOrders

The Special Orders Board has a set of two tasks that are randomly generated and resets every week. You can choose between the two tasks depending on which one you presume you can complete. It is important to remember that you must collect the items while the quest is ongoing, and any bone item you gathered before getting the task will not get accepted by Gunther.

Completing the “Fragments of the Past” Quest

You can look for bones in the Pelican Town Mines or the Skull Cavern in Calico Desert to get started. However, if you want to increase your chances of getting 100 pieces of bones, you can go on a daily expedition to Ginger Island.

Fragments GingerIsland

Getting to Ginger Island requires you to ride the harbored boat in the back room of Willy’s Shop. But if you have a Warp Totem: Island or an Island Obelisk, you can get to Ginger Island fast. Therefore, you will be more likely to complete this quest without a hitch.

Various kinds of bone materials are found all over Stardew Valley. Some can be obtained by defeating enemies, and others can be unearthed from Artifact Spots. But the items you should focus on farming are Bone Fragments. Bone Fragments are resources that are scattered around Ginger Island. They can be utilized for a couple of things besides using them for this quest, and that’s the reason why they aren’t that rare.

Fragments Bone

Bone Fragments are acquired by killing Skeletons in the Mines (Floors 71-79) or slaying Lava Lurks in the Volcano Dungeon. You can also obtain them by mining bone nodes found mostly on Ginger Island’s dig site. So, we recommend you unlock the Dig Site area before taking Gunther’s quest. Bone Fragments are also sometimes dropped by crates and barrels in Skull Cavern.

Aside from Bone Fragments, here are all the bone items that you can collect for Gunther’s quest:

Amphibian Fossil

Usually found by digging Artifact spots in Cidersap Forest.

Bone Flute

Acquired by digging up Artifact Spots in Cindersap Forest or the Mountains.

Fossilized Leg

Obtained by breaking Bone Nodes located on Ginger Island. 

Fossilized Ribs

Recovered from the southern part of Ginger Island by digging Artifact Spots.

Fossilized Skull

Acquired by breaking Golden Coconuts.

Fossilized Spine

Found by tilling Artifact Spots on Ginger Island.

Fossilized Tail

Acquired by panning in the river next to the Ginger Island Dig Site.

Mummified Bat

Found by breaking rocks in the Volcano Dungeon.

Mummified Frog

Obtained by cutting weeds in the rainforest on Ginger Island.

Nautilus Fossil

Obtained by fishing Treasure Chests.

Palm Fossil

Found by tilling Artifact Spots in Cindersap Forest, on the Beach, or in the Calico Desert.

Prehistoric Rib

Usually obtained by digging Artifact Spots in Cindersap Forest or the Farm.

Prehistoric Scapula

Commonly found by mining Bone Nodes on Ginger Island Dig Site.

Prehistoric Skull

Dropped by slaying a Haunted Skull in the Quarry Mine.

Prehistoric Tibia

Dropped by killing a Pepper Rex in Skull Caverns.

Prehistoric Vertebra

Found by digging up an Artifact Spot at the Railroad.

Skeletal Hand

Obtained by mining Bone Nodes on Ginger Island Dig Site.

Skeletal Tail

Obtained by fishing Treasure Chests

Snake Skull

Acquired by fishing on Ginger Island.

Snake Vertebrae

Found by tilling Artifact Spots on Ginger Island West.


Recovered by digging up Artifact Spots on the Beach, in Cindersap Forest, or in the Mountains.

Fragments Museum 1

Should you fail to provide Gunther with enough bones, you can get this fetch quest again when you encounter it. The accumulated bone items can be deposited in a box at the Museum. If you fail to complete the quest, you will not lose the items, as they will be stored in the Lost and Found box inside the Mayor’s house.

Quest Rewards

Fragments Rewards

If you succeed in delivering 100 pieces of bones to Gunther within a week, he will send you the Bone Mill Recipe and 3,500g through your mailbox. Like granting the Wizard’s request to obtain a Prismatic Jelly, Gunther’s wish can be fulfilled once, and you will not be able to get this quest again.

And that is all you need to do to complete the Fragments of the Past quest. More fun and challenging quests are waiting to be fulfilled in Stardew Valley, so take on more quests to earn more valuable rewards!

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