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Now, Humankind is great and all that, but at times, it can get pretty overwhelming and hectic. It’s natural, the game is very detailed, and features a vast repertoire if mechanics and objectives. So, you’ll likely spend most of your time planning and thinking of what to do. But what if you wanted to have some fun? I’m talking about cheats-fun. Well, you can, but the answer is a little more difficult than that. Let’s go over cheats and console commands for Humankind!

Humankind | Cheats & Console Commands

Cheats & Console Commands – Humankind

While yes, there will be cheats in Humankind, the cheats will be implemented later on. Still, there are things you can do before the next update with cheats comes around, and that’s enabling cheats and the console, which are not activated by default.

There isn’t an official ETA on when cheats will be available, but the developers did specifically state that they’re working on implementing these commands. In any case, if you want to enable cheats and console commands on Humankind, this is what you do:

  1. Launch Steam.
  2. Go to your library and right-click Humankind.
  3. Navigate to Properties.
  4. In the General Tab, you’ll see ‘Launch Options’.
  5. In that text field, type in: ‘–enablemoddingtools’ (without quote marks).

Usually, when you add launch options like that, a new shortcut is created for the game. It will be distinguishable from the normal shortcut as it will have the launch options in the name.

Basically, this will allow the game to launch in a different state, which will allow for the use of cheats and console commands. Even if a shortcut isn’t created, the game can basically launch the same way if you launch it through the Steam library.

There are some speculations on which commands and cheats will be coming to the game, but in all honesty, basically, every cheat whether it is for cultures, perks, resources, time, and everything else will be available soon enough, in my opinion.

When the cheats do become available though, you can open up the console menu by clicking Shift + F1.

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