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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 was released not long ago, and there might be a way to do some interesting car builds without worrying about cash or, in other words, cutting some corners, depending on how you want to put it.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 | Money Cheat

Now, tons of shady and possibly dangerous cheating software is being created for this game. However, this is just a code you can use in-game. Learn more about the money cheats in Car Mechanic Simulator 2021.

Money Cheat – Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

Now, I was a bit skeptical that this would work. Still, it seems like the developers have implemented a code if some players want to have fun instead of establishing their mechanic business.

This is the best start to the game campaign possible. It will give you level 36 and a half a million to play with straight out of the gate. What you need to do to use the money cheat is:

  1. Open the game.
  2. Click ‘Play.’
  3. Start a new game.
  4. Name the profile: ‘cms2021promo’.
  5. Decline the tutorial. – Obligatory.

You should start at level 36 and with 500,000 in cash at the beginning of the game. If the process doesn’t work, there is something else you can try.

Quit the game, then delete the profile you created. Create a whole new profile with any profile name, and start the game without initiating the tutorial. Then, quit that campaign, and create a new profile with the same name: ‘cms2021promo,’ without quotation marks.

Then, start the world, and deny the tutorial once again. It would be best if you got the effects above from the cheat.

The promo code did appear to be working at the time of writing, but that might change in the future. Its origin is unknown, and how long it will be available is also unknown.

So, if it doesn’t work for you, there are chances that this code isn’t in use anymore.

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