Hunter Hood: Outlaws & Legends: Weapon, Traits, Abilities, Perks & Gear


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Find all that you need to know about the Hunter class as far as weapons, traits, abilities, perks, and gear is concerned, here.

Hunter Hood: Outlaws & Legends: Weapon, Traits, Abilities, Perks & Gear

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Hunter Weapon

Weapon: Crossbow

The Hunter has a crossbow as its primary weapon, and it has a few notable strengths:

  • Short-distance potency;
  • Quick fire rate;
  • Multiple shots;
  • Charged shot;
  • Great short to mid-distance ability.

Only downside is that it isn’t quite effective for long-distance shots.

Hunter Trait

Trait: Shadow

The Hunter class has an interesting trait. Much like the Ranger, it has great concealed abilities. With the Shadow trait, a player can execute its enemies with a strong blade, if concealed!

Hunter Ability

Ability: Shroud

Shroud can be utilized as a way to go into concealed mode, and utilize the Shadow trait. When you use Shroud, you can blend in with the environment and become undetectable both for NPCs and other enemy players.

Hunter Perks

The Hunter class can be modified in a way to suit your playstyle. Here is what you can do:

  • Fire bolts at a quicker rate;
  • More stability for shots;
  • Resetting invisibility, after successful assassination;
  • Great for consecutive kills;

Hunter Gear

Gear: Smoke

Much like the Ranger class, with the Hunter gear, you can make it difficult for your enemies to see. It releases a smoke bomb that makes it difficult for your enemies to see, and other players cannot tag targets in the smoke.

Hunter Brief Summary

The Hunter is a master in sneakiness. Relying only on vengeance to defeat her opponents, she’s both very mysterious, and highly powerful. This class can be played as a hybrid for short to mid distance.

Assassinations are her greatest strengths, while also the smoke bombs, making it difficult for her enemies to find her.

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Brawler Outlaws & Legends: Weapon, Traits, Abilities, Perks & Gear


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