Ranger Hood: Outlaws & Legends: Weapon, Traits, Abilities, Perks & Gear


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Find all that you need to know about the Ranger class as far as weapons, traits, abilities, perks, and gear is concerned, here.

Ranger Hood: Outlaws & Legends: Weapon, Traits, Abilities, Perks & Gear

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Ranger Weapon

Weapon: Longbow

The Ranger class utilizes a longbow as its primary weapon, and it has the following strengths:

  • Charge arrows for more damage;
  • Long-distance precision;
  • Short-distance quick shots;
  • Utilize different arrows for different effects;
  • Great sneaky abilities.

Ranger Trait

Trait: Scout

With the Ranger, a player can scan the field, and know the battlefield better than all classes. The Ranger class can also tag targets for long periods of time, and mark their exact location.

Ranger Ability

Ability: Farsight

With the Farsight ability, a player can channel the energy that the forest gives off. After doing so, the arrows become empowered, exploding after a short time upon impact, with incredible force.

Ranger Perks

The Ranger class has a lot of perks, both for short and long-range:

  • Use arrows as a melee weapon;
  • Increase sniping capabilities with long-shots;
  • Hybrid playstyle.

Ranger Gear

Gear: Flash

In order to be able to get out of tricky situations, the Ranger can use volatile gunpowder gourd as a method to stun and blind the enemies.

This way, after blinding your enemies, you have a short while to get out of danger.

Ranger Brief Summary

The Ranger’s main goal is to bring justice upon the greenwood. It has powerful long-range abilities, but it can also be played from short-range. It has a hybrid playstyle, where players can choose to be either ‘explosive’ or sneaky.

Its strengths though are more leaning towards sneaky and long-range combat. A great infiltrator.

Other Characters

The Hunter
The Browler
The Mystic

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