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With so much mounts in Immortals Fenyx Rising, one could easily get overwhelmed with which one to choose. Some are hard to obtain while others are roaming around freely in the wild.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to Get Parrot Pegasus

For the case of the Parrot Pegasus in Immortals Fenyx Rising, it is definitely the former, the case. In other words, it is relatively difficult to get to the location of this mount as you will be able to see soon.

Still, it can be done, and this mount is a great addition to your collection nonetheless. Before you do though, you must have completed the game. Technically, you can do it either way, but it is more difficult if you haven’t finished the story!

How to Get the Parrot Pegasus – Immortals Fenyx Rising

People might ask, why would getting a mount in Immortals Fenyx Rising be so difficult? It is difficult because it is located at King’s Peak, which is the end-game location.

On top of that, as you might know if you’ve been there, this place is really difficult to travel in and move around. It is mostly mountains, and the fog makes it hard to see.

Nonetheless, if you haven’t unlocked this island, you can travel to it by gliding to it. As for the Parrot Pegasus, this is how you can get it:

  1. Travel to King’s Peak.
  2. Go to Zeus’s Throne. You will have to jump from there, it is located here:
  3. You will have to jump to the location of the Parrot Pegasus, which is north from the throne.
  4. Jump, and look at the referance map, aim to get close to that spot:
  5. Be careful of how close you’re to it, since height distance is also measured in this game. Nevertheless, look for a small bluish lake:

When you get above it, you can unequip you wing, and then free fall to get to that place quicker. Before you reach the ground, just open up your wings, and you will survive the fall!

Look around the lake and you will see the infamous Parrot Pegasus.

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