Immortals Fenyx Rising: Odysseus’s Prison Vault Guide


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When traveling into the depths of the underworld in Immortals Fenyx Rising, you should expect tough opponents, as well as rough environments to tackle. Similarly, to this is the Odysseus Prison Vault.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: Odysseus’s Prison Vault Guide

There are some key differences though. Not many enemies can be found at this place, but the real challenge is solving the puzzle to complete the vault. Despite it being a two rated difficulty vault, players are confused whenever they enter it.

So, what’s the reason for all the confusion, is it really that difficult?

Odysseus’s Prison Vault Guide – Immortals Fenyx Rising

I would say yes, it is pretty difficult. This vault, is basically a puzzle in itself. I rather not waste any more time, and go straight to Odysseus’s Prison vault guide:

NOTE: This vault and the steps for its completion might be hard to make explain, so read each step very carefully.

  1. Go into the vault. If you don’t know where it is, here is its exact location: vault odysseus location
  2. Once you’re in, go straight to where the three activation points are. There were be walls going from left to right, as well as up and down.
  3. Shoot the first golden target which will be in the middle when looking through the wall. This will activate the first activation point.
  4. After that, shoot an arrow directly in the middle. Steer it and go in a straight line. Avoid all off the walls, and then you should see another golden target that you’ll need to hit. avoid walls vault location
  5. Now, shoot an arrow directly above the lit torch and then hit the box, which was on the right of when you hit the second target. You might need to do this twice or thrice, because there will be a target behind the box.
  6. After that, shoot an arrow through the torch once again, and follow the targets, i.e., go through the circles.
  7. The second torch will be far away, but make sure to follow the targets, they might be scattered far distances.

You’re done! At this point, all of the three activation points will be activated, and the locked chest room on the left will be open, so first go and grab the loot there. Spoiler alert. There will be a pretty good helmet there.

After doing so, on the right from where you were shooting the arrows, platforms will be placed that release a ton of air. Use your wings to get to the end and ultimately finish Odysseus’s Prison Vault!

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