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Electrograna, or Electrogranum if singular, is the Grana found in the Electro nation, Inazuma. Unlike the Geo and Anemo Grana, the Electro version can aid travelers more than the other two.

How to Increase Electrograna Level in Genshin Impact

It is a flower-like object that will follow you for a specific duration and be summoned from Thunder Boughs. Summoning this, Grana will sometimes summon Thunder Spheres to help traverse and deal with the geographic mechanics.

The Electrograna will help prevent damages from the Inazuma’s special environment hazards, such as Balethunder, the high Electro concentration. It can also help regenerate energy and unleash a coordinated attack for Electro-type characters.

To obtain such perks, you need to increase your Sacred Sakura’s Favor level by going to the Grand Narukami Shrine and offering Electro Sigils to the Great Sakura Tree.

Electro Sigils are obtained from chests found around Inazuma. You can also get them from quests given by the nation’s citizens and by increasing the level of the Inazuma’s Statue of the Seven.

You need 25 Electro Sigils for 1 level of Sacred Sakura’s Favor. As of the game’s version 2.2 update, you can increase your Sacred Sakura’s Favor level to 40, but the maximum is 50.

Each Sacred Sakura’s Favor level will reward you, such as Adventure EXP, Enhancement Ores, Mora, Fragile Resin, Fates, Talent Level-Up materials, and more.

Every 3 or 4 levels of Sacred Sakura’s Favor will increase the level of your Electrograna.

Increasing the level of your Electrograna is also essential to exploring Inazuma. Intermediate and advanced Thunder Barriers protect some areas and treasures, and you can only get through them if the Electrograna you carry is strong enough.

High-level Electrograna is also stronger and lasts longer, so it can provide more offense and defense support.

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