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Like many RPGs, Genshin Impact is built around a party system where each character plays a specific role. In addition to damage dealers and healers, there are shield users. Similar to tanks in other RPGs, shield users specialize in absorbing damage.

How to Increase Shield Strength in Genshin Impact
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To effectively use each character’s shield, you need to understand the characteristics of their specialized skill, so you will know which stats to focus on and what artifacts to get. You also have to consider what role you want this character to play in your party.

Character Shield

Right now, the strongest shield characters in the game are Zhongli and Noelle. They create Geo shields that absorb damage 150% more efficiently compared to the shields of other characters.


GIF shield cast Zhongli

The amount of damage Zhongli’s shield can absorb is tied to his HP. That’s to say that the higher his maximum HP, the more damage his shield can absorb.

shield skill info Zhongli

Also, Zhongli’s Attack (ATK) is increased by a certain percent of his max HP, and the damage of his elemental burst is increased by 33% of his max HP.

other skill info Zhongli


Noelle’s elemental skill Breastplate also forms a shield and does Geo damage upon casting.

GIF shield cast Noelle 1

However, the damage absorption of this shield is based on her Defense (DEF) instead of her HP. Her elemental burst increases her ATK based on her DEF.

shield skill info Noelle

Noelle not only protects but also heals all characters in a party. The amount of HP recovery she provides also scales according to her DEF. This means every Noelle build should focus on her DEF stat.

To learn more about healing with Noelle, please see our guide.


They say the best defense is a good offense. Xinyan offers a little bit of both. A Pyro vision wielder, Xinyan creates a shield that gives a physical damage boost to any character protected by it.

GIF shield cast Xinyan

To get the most out of Xinyan’s shield, focus on her DEF stat. You need to hit at least two enemies when casting her elemental skill to get the most out of the skill.

shield skill info Xinyan

Her shield is 250% more effective at absorbing Pyro damage, so you’ll definitely want to bring her along when you’re facing tough enemies of the same element.

At constellation level 2, her elemental burst will also create a shield, and at level 4, she can provide a greater physical damage boost.

other skill info Xinyan


Diona is another shield character whose damage absorption scales off her HP.

GIF shield cast Diona

Focus on Diona’s HP stat if you want her to have a strong shield.

shield skill info Diona

As a healer, Diona will also benefit from high HP because her healing skill’s HP regeneration also scales based on that.


GIF shield cast Beidou

Beidou can also function as a shield character, but her shield doesn’t work the same as the shields of other characters. Unless you have a level 1 constellation, Beidou can’t provide a shield that remains active after she leaves the field.

shield skill info Beidou

The damage absorption of her shield scales off her HP, so you have to increase her HP to make her shield more powerful. Beidou’s shield is 250% more effective against Electro damage.

Shields from Elemental Shards

Elemental reactions happen when at least two elements are applied. When a Geo element comes in contact with other elements, a crystallized reaction occurs, and elemental shards will be dropped. Picking up these shards will give you a shield of that element.

GIF crystallize Ningguang

A shield formed this way is 250% effective at absorbing damage of that element. Its strength is based on the level of the character that triggers the crystallization as well as their elemental mastery. However, with the current value, many players reckon that it isn’t worth increasing your Geo character’s elemental mastery just to make shard shields a little stronger.

Artifact for Shield Strength

Retracing Bolide

Retracting Bolide icons

For the available artifacts, the two-piece bonus of Retracing Bolide increases shield strength by 35%. The four-piece adds a bonus of a 40% increase in normal and charged attack damage when protected by a shield.

retracting bolide set effect

However, the shield strength bonus will only apply to the character wearing the artifact. For example, if Noelle wears the set, her shield will be boosted. But if you switch to another character, the 35% shield strength bonus will not be transferred to the active character.

You can have your damage dealer equip this set so when you switch after casting a shield, the two-piece set bonus will be applied.

Also, note that a character’s level has a huge impact on their overall stat. The higher the level, the stronger the character’s attacks or shield. So make sure to level up and ascend your characters first.

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