Inferno Smokes You Should Know (2022)


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Inferno is one of the most iconic maps in Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

Inferno Smokes You Should Know (2022)

Inferno is also one of the oldest maps in CSGO, where thousands of hours of competitive first-person action have been played.

The entire map was face-lifted back in 2016 to align with modern-era first-person shooter styling. Some of the most notable changes were the removal of the roofing around the A Bombsite, the addition of a second pathway for T-side Spawn, and the reworked Banana pathway. The goal was to improve overall visibility and accessibility around the map.

The map rework opened up many smoke, flashbang, and frag grenade opportunities, especially for the T-side. Smoke lineups are now much easier and more rewarding to use around the map.

We have gathered a couple of useful Smoke lineups that you can use on T-side Inferno. Let’s go!

The CSGO Smoke Grenade


The Smoke Grenade is an incredibly valuable piece of utility in CSGO that is often used to block off enemy sightlines and angles within a bomb site. It is a powerful tool that can help your team enter and take control of bomb sites with ease.

The smoke grenade bounces a few times before it detonates. The number of times a smoke grenade bounces before it settles is dictated by the angle and the type of throw the player uses (right-click/left-click/jump-throw.)

34 3

Another excellent use for the CSGO Smoke Grenade is thawing out Incendiary Grenades or Molotovs. When thrown directly at Molotovs or Incendiary grenades, the Smoke Grenade acts as an instant extinguisher for the ensuing fires.

CSGO Smoke Grenades can be purchased within the buy period for 300 credits. When placed in the ideal locations, they can cover an area large enough to block player vision during site entry and defense.

Since the recent major update to CSGO, unused grenades can now be dropped and picked up by any player in-game.

Inferno B-site – Coffins Smoke From Logs

image 180

A Coffin + CT Smoke is a standard smoke strategy for Inferno B-site.

The general idea is for some T-players to smoke off the main sightlines of the CT players at B-site (usually CT Spawn and Coffin since these give a direct sightline of the incoming T-players), and then the rest of the T-players will proceed to molly off New Box as well as 1st (set of boxes on the right side of B-site)

  1. Stand in this corner between the logs and wall at Banana:
image 181

2. Look for these two points on the wall’s fence:

1 16

3. Aim for the imaginary intersection point of the two small posts:

2 8

4. Throw the Smoke Grenade:

image 183

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should ideally cover the Coffins area:

1 16

Inferno B-site – CT Spawn Smoke From Logs

2 19

The Coffin + CT Smoke setup for B-site is a staple B-site execute strategy for T-side on Inferno.

Ensure that your teammates cover you or that your team clears Car and Sandbags before you line this smoke up as you will be exposed to the Car player while setting up your smokes.

  1. Go to the same corner between the logs and the wall at Banana:
3 18

2. Turn towards the Car area and aim for this post:

3 4

3. Align the said post with this gap between the wires in Banana:

4 2

4. Aim for the gap between the wires while keeping your crosshair aligned with the post:

image 184

5. Throw the Smoke Grenade:

4 23

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should cover the CT Spawn entryway with no problems:

5 14

Inferno B-site – Site Entrance Smoke

image 185

Smoking off B-site Entrance is an optional smoke strategy for T-side. There are risks involved with smoking off B-site Entrance as CT players playing on-site can use this particular smoke set up against you and your team.

With that in mind, use this smoke lineup as needed. Your team is better off just dry peeking and clearing corners on B-site manually.

  1. Go to this corner at the Banana Half-wall:
6 21

2. Aim for this protruding middle rafter:

5 2

3. Drag your mouse up until the protruding middle rafter aligns with the height of the chimney:

6 1

4. Throw the Smoke Grenade:

7 17

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should land just a little to the left of the B-site Entrance:

8 11

Inferno Middle – Top Mid to A-Long Smoke

9 11

T-players can use only three reliable pathways to enter A-site: A-Long, Boiler, and Apartments.

If your team decides to try and attack Inferno’s A-site, you will want to smoke off the Top Mid/A-Long pathway as this area is a very common spot for CT players to play on. This smoke lineup also ensures that your team can safely cross Top Mid to A-Short.

  1. Look for this plant grid at Second Mid:
image 186

2. Align yourself with the right side of this grid:

10 16

3. Turn around and aim for this corner on the orange building at Top Mid:

7 3

4. Throw the Smoke Grenade:

image 187

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should bounce off the slanted wall and eventually make its way to the Top Middle to A-Long area.

11 7

Inferno Middle – Arch Smoke

image 188

The Arch smoke is a situational smoke setup best used when you or one of your teammates manages to pick off the A-Long player quickly.

In this case, an Arch smoke will be the better smoke setup since it cuts off the CT-players’ pathway to the A-site and grants your team control of even more space around the A-site.

  1. Go to the left side frame of this door at Second Middle:
12 10

2. Center yourself with the left-side frame:

13 7

3. Turn around and aim for the point where these protruding rafters align with the tip of the roof on the right side:

8 1

4. Throw the Smoke Grenade:

14 15

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should cover the Arch area perfectly.

15 6

Inferno A-site – Small Pit/Library Smoke

image 190

This smoke setup is best used when your team uses the Top Mid/A-Long smoke. This smoke setup gives your team easy access to the A-short/Boiler area. 

The Small Pit/Library smoke makes more sense since your goal after gaining access to the A-site is to cut off CT rotations from B-site.

  1. Align yourself with this corner at Middle – Second Mid link:
16 7
17 6

2. Look up towards the balcony:

18 6

3. Aim for this gap on the balcony frame:


4. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

19 9

A simple yet effective smoke for A-site control:

20 4

Inferno A-site – Library Entrance Smoke

image 193

A Library Entrance Smoke makes the most sense when your team manages to eliminate the A-Long player. Assuming that your team has full control of the A-Long area by that time, your team can opt for the Arch + Library Smokes instead.

This smoke setup works best with the Arch smoke. Together, these smokes completely cut off CT rotations from CT Spawn.

  1. Align yourself with this wall at Middle:
24 5
25 3

2. Look for these intersecting rooflines:

11 1

3. Drag your crosshair up towards this gap between the wires:

12 1

4. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

26 3

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should land just in front of the Library area:

27 5

Inferno A-site – Long/Library Smoke

image 191

If your team wants to get cheeky with your site takes, here is a cool idea:

A few T-players stay at Banana and will continue to try and gain control of the Car/Sandbags area.

Meanwhile, the other half of your team will try to take control of the A-Long area. Assuming you can successfully take control of the A-Long area, your team can pass through CT Spawn and make your way towards B-site.

You can start your coordinated B-site Pincer attack on the remaining B-site players.

This Long/Library Smoke will allow the other half of your team to cross to the Arch area safely.

  1. Align yourself with this corner at the Second Mid door:
21 5
22 6

2. Turn around and aim for the imaginary intersection point between the antenna and the building’s roof edge:


3. Run a short distance forward, then immediately throw the Smoke Grenade:

image 192

Run-throws will take a bit of practice to get the hang of, but we are sure you will figure it out quickly!

23 3

Inferno A-site – Under Balcony/Pit Smoke

28 4

Under Balcony and Pit are some of the most common CT hiding spots in Inferno’s A-site. The pit provides decent cover and a direct sightline of T-players from the Boiler area.

On the other hand, Under Balcony also provides decent cover against T-players coming from A-Long. Many beginners fail to check this area, which you can take advantage of a few times in a match.

This quick smoke setup takes care of both Pits, and Under the Balcony, so you will not have to waste time clearing each spot manually.

  1. Look for this wall at the Top of Second Middle:
image 194

2. Align yourself with the right side of the wall:

29 6

3. Look towards the Apartment’s roof. Aim for the intersection point of the antenna and this dot on the roofline:

13 1

4. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

30 5

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should cover the Pit, Lower Balcony, and even the Graveyard area:

image 195

Inferno A-site – Balcony Smoke

image 196

The last smoke set up on this list covers the Balcony area itself.

The Balcony area is a common CT holding spot as well for A-site. From here, CT players can gain early information on T-players as they make their way through Apartments and Boiler.

As with the B-site Entrance smoke setup, use this smoke setup sparingly since CT players can also use this smoke to score some cheeky kills off of unsuspecting T-players coming from Apartments and Boiler.

With that out of the way, here is how to line up a Balcony smoke for A-site:

  1. Go to the same wall at Top Second Middle as the previous lineup:
31 4

2. Hug the wall, then align yourself with the left line on the gutter:

32 3

3. Look towards the Apartment roof once again. Aim for the tip of this antenna:

image 198

4. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

33 2

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should bounce its way towards the Balcony area.

34 3

Welcome to Inferno

Inferno’s layout is one of the most unique of any CSGO map. It is the only map with double middle lanes. Inferno also features some of the fastest first contacts of any map in CSGO, thanks to both CT and T side spawns’ proximity to the middle lane.

A few simple smoke lineups, such as those featured in this article, can help make site entry easier for you and your teammates when playing T-side on Inferno. These smoke lineups are straightforward. There is no reason for your team to skip any of these smoke lineups for Inferno.

Master a few of these smokes, and you will be climbing the CSGO ranks!

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