Is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Available for PS4?



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The new 60 players Battle Royal gaming sensation – Fall Guys is riding the tide of popularity with great confidence! It has already taken a massive amount of players onto its glorious crusade and the only question the gamers are asking themselves is: How can I join it myself?

Is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Available for PS4?

Mediatonic and Devolver Digital have made room for the major percent of players throughout the world, including the PC/Steam and the PlayStation 4 users! So….

Can You Play Fall Guys On PS4


Fall Guys was launched on PS4 alongside PC as the only two platforms on which the game is available. It is currently priced at 19.99$ on the PlayStation Store, so you can start playing any time!

And if you are a PlayStation Plus user, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a free to play game for you. This won’t last forever of course. It simply means that throughout the entire month of August (until 31st) you can enjoy Fall Guys without paying, but after that you’ll have to buy it as well.

So, if you were thinking of jumping into the heart of chaos, now it’s the perfect time to fire up your console and start your jolly adventure!

Beyond The Borders Of PS4

While the game can be thoroughly enjoyed on the two biggest gaming platforms, they are really disconnected in between.

Cross-platform play isn’t an option for Fall Guys and fans are very curious to know when and if this feature will be ever present. It would certainly kick ass to have the ability to push players into elimination, no matter on which gaming setup they are!

And while that seems more like a minor miss than a real problem, Fall Guys is ready to be played on PC and PS4. So get your coffee, connect your rig and jump into the action!

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