Is This The New Logo for the Mortal Kombat Sequel?



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2021’s Mortal Kombat movie may have received mixed reviews, but a sequel is already underway building up to Shang Tsung’s infamous blood tournament.

Is This The New Logo for the Mortal Kombat Sequel?

Just in, producer Todd Garner has shared a new image of the MK emblem online, and a lot of fans are wondering if this is our first teaser for the sequel. Here’s the post:

Though some fans were hoping that this means we’re going to get a teaser for the sequel soon, Garner confirmed that it really was just him changing his profile pic, and this was a piece of fanart he found online.

Either way, that hasn’t stopped fans for asking about the status of the movie, to which he replies:

When he was asked what he was waiting for when it came to the reveal, he replied, “Working away.”

No story has been revealed for the next Mortal Kombat movie, but we should assume that we’re finally going to be getting the tournament proper, which was teased in the first film. With some characters having died in the first film though, I wonder who could be showing up in the sequel.

I’m just here hoping that NetherRealm makes Cole a playable character in the next game, because he wasn’t likeable enough in the movie to get people to root for him.

No release date has been set for the Mortal Kombat sequel, but hopefully we get something around 2024 or early 2025.

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