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If you are new to Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D2), you might think that the game already has plenty of campaign maps already- well, think again. Nothing is enough for us gamers and our insatiable lust for content. So take cover ’cause we’ll be dropping some awesome hacks.

Left 4 Dead 2: Guide to Add-On Campaigns / Introduction to


For those of you who are unfamiliar with campaigns and maps, these are the game stages with different levels. At the start of your L4D2 gaming experience, you would think that the maps are enough. However, as you play along and finish each campaign, one game after the other, you will be left wanting more; you will eventually get tired of the same maps and the same levels over and over again. Don’t get the wrong idea, we are not saying you will outgrow this game quickly, no, in fact, quite the opposite. L4D2 is designed to provide its players variations and countless gameplay: from the more typical, normal campaign to versus to survival modes. But for now, we focus on giving you tips on how to subscribe to different game maps.


In addition to the default available maps included during your download of the game, players can still enjoy L4D2 in a different setting. Every game developer that has hopes of creating a long-lasting legacy uses updates and add-ons to make this dream a reality. The advantage of these add-ons is that they are consistently being updated. Developers create more campaign options to make the game as relevant as possible. So where are these amazing add-ons, you say? How will you get these additional maps? Let us show you how:

On the home page, click on ADD-ONS.
If you have already downloaded add-ons, you may simply select the campaign of your choice, and you are ready to go.
But, if you are looking for a new map, then click BROWSE WORKSHOP.
Upon clicking, it will open another window that will lead you to the steam workshop. To look for campaign add-ons, scroll down until you see campaign under Game Content on the right side. Tick the box next to it.
There is a drop-down option to sort the results of your result. We recommend choosing MOST SUBSCRIBED (yellow circle) to see all new campaigns with good review.
In this article, we are using YAMA as an example. When you have found your desired campaign, just click on the
plus sign from the right side of the map. This means that you are subscribing to the new add-on, and consequently, this will be downloaded.
Upon subscription, you will see that the campaign is being downloaded. After download, you may not start your campaign with your friends.
To use your recently downloaded campaign, choose ADD-ON during creation of campaign lobby.
Just a quick tip: Choose LOCAL SERVER in the server type. This provides optimization of the add-on campaign.

You may now start your new campaign with your friends. Keep in mind that you will encounter bugs from time to time. Worry not, though, since they are constantly updating and fixing errors.

FAQs About Add-On Campaigns

Does everyone on the team need to subscribe to the campaign?

-No, not necessarily. Only the player who creates the lobby is required to subscribe and download the new campaign. Invited friends and/or teammates may opt not to.

I have other add-on items and designs from previous games. Will that affect my new add-on campaign?

-No. All other add-ons may still be used in your latest add-on campaign. However, for a few instances, there may be errors. Just restart the game.

After playing, I want to delete the add-ons to free up space for other downloads. Is that possible?

-Yes! If you want to delete any add-ons, you may do so by simply browsing the steam workshop, and click unsubscribe from the add-ons you want to remove.

As a bonus, let’s check this add-on campaign as an example.

Add-On Campaign: Yama

Part 1

Yama sets on an Asian country as its theme for this 3-part campaign. The first part introduces the players to ruined Japan. In the beginning, players find themselves on the top of one of the buildings in Tokyo. The campaign design is undeniably aesthetically pleasing as it captures the beauty of Japan’s colorful streets despite being ravaged by the zombies.

Part 2

The second part of this astonishing campaign sets in a rural area, far from the city. Opposite to the first part, this shows scenery of a more traditional and culture-rich province of Japan. Players would definitely be amazed of how close the map is to reality; it is almost like going on a trip to Japan. Your team may enjoy the map not only trying to get to the safe room but also just admiring the view. Below are some samples of the second part of the campaign.

Part 3

The third and final part of this campaign settles in the father mountains of Japan. This is also where the team has to escape and fly away from this zombie-infested landscape. In this last map, players are expected to evade groups of regular and special zombies by going to the high places of the mountain. Rescue will only come if the players are able to fill the tank with 12 gas cans. This may seem easy, but in reality, it is much harder than it sounds. Tanks and other strong zombies will make it difficult to achieve the task. Moreover, achieving the task is one thing, and surviving is another. Below are the photos to give you and idea of what you are about to go through.

That’s it! Gather your teammates, and try the Yama campaign now! We’d love to hear your stories. Were you able to conquer Japan? Which add-on campaigns did you download? Share us in the comment section.

Below are bonus photos taken from the game. Enjoy!!!

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