Lance Reddick Shares Message After Resident Evil Cancellation



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Lance Reddick may play Sylens in Horizon Zero Dawn, but he’s also Albert Wesker in Netflix’s Resident Evil series. The show may have been cancelled after just one season, but Reddick does have something to say to fans who ‘got what they were going for.’

Lance Reddick Shares Message After Resident Evil Cancellation

This was Reddick’s post on his Twitter:

“I want to do this video because I wanted to do some acknowledgments and some thank yous… As all of you are well aware by now, our show Resident Evil on Netflix has been canceled. And the haters and the trolls notwithstanding, I want to give a special thank you to all the fans who watched the show, got what we were doing, and really loved it because there are a hell of a lot of you.”

When the series premiered, it was met with a ton of terrible reviews, but there were some fans who had interpreted the show as embracing the campy nature of the Milla Jovovich movies. Even all the terrible dialogue that was being shared online feels like the showrunners were aware that the series wasn’t taking itself too seriously.

Who knows, maybe Resident Evil will find its audience over time, but so far, it’s great that Reddick still has some nice things to say about the cast and crew. I’m pretty sure they’re all feeling what the Cowboy Bebop crew felt when their show didn’t stick the landing.

The first season of Resident Evil is now available on Netflix.

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