Left Behind: Explore Ellie’s Backstory in Preview for Last of Us Episode 7


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The latest episode of The Last of Us had Joel and Ellie finally getting to the community of Jackson, but by the end of the episode we have Joel seriously hurt with Ellie desperately trying to wake him up. Now we have a preview for Episode 7, Left Behind, and it’s going to be exploring Ellie’s backstory before she was locked up by Marlene in Episode 1.

Left Behind: Explore Ellie’s Backstory in Preview for Last of Us Episode 7

Check this out:

Anyone who’s played The Last of Us DLC Left Behind knows what happens in the mall and who Storm Reid’s character Riley is. I’m not really going to get into detail here, but it was surprising we get to see more of Ellie’s time in the QZ. It’s been teased before that FEDRA was feeding propaganda to children, but it looks like they’re also in charge of training them to become efficient child soldiers.

With three episodes left, there’s probably space for only one major arc in the story, which is the arc with David. We don’t know if the show has enough room to actually delve into the final arc in the story of the game, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they pushed it back or made it go differently in the series. I mean, they’ve already done a lot of changes with a lot of characters, and I think the relationship between Joel and Ellie is already pretty established at this point.

Catch the next episode of The Last of Us when it airs on HBO Max next Sunday.

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