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All classes are suitable in their unique way, but some stand out from the rest in Lost Ark’s PvE content.

Lost Ark: Best Classes For PvE

Lost Ark has many Class options for players to choose from. The newest MMORPG features everything from classic Mage-type classes to versatile multi-weaponed gunners. Whatever your playstyle preference is, there is undoubtedly a class in Lost Ark that will fit your preferred playstyle.

Although Smilegate did a fantastic job at balancing each of the classes in Lost Ark, some classes will naturally come out on top as some of the most impactful classes in PvE. Whether through sheer damage, shields, or heals, the top-ranked classes bring something to the battlefield that helps them stand out among others.

Today we will be looking at some of the most valuable classes for PvE in Lost Ark. Let’s go!

What is PvE in Lost Ark?


Around gaming circles, the term PvE is often used to abbreviate for Player Versus Enemy/Player Versus Environment.

The term PvE is widely used around MMORPG circles. Gameplay in the MMORPG genre saw players grouping and combining their strengths to defeat a big and powerful enemy, otherwise known as “bosses.”

While most, if not all, players are online gamers, monsters, and enemies within a PvE environment are controlled by AI or artificial intelligence.

As the newest installment in the MMORPG genre, Lost Ark features classic MMORPG gameplay, which means the game is almost certainly mostly a PvE game.

Lost Ark’s Main Story mode is mostly PvE, where players fight against AI monsters and bosses to progress through the game’s main storyline.

However, the real MMORPG PvE experience starts in Lost Ark’s Endgame content. Endgame for Lost Ark features many challenging PvE content where players can band together to defeat more powerful enemies to gain valuable loot and rewards.

Lost Ark Classes Tier List (PvE)

S-Tier – Exceptional Sustainability


image 495

What good is a DPS class if they end up dying too quickly?

The Bard class is Lost Ark’s support-focused class with powerful team sustain capabilities. Without a Bard class around, PvE parties will find it challenging to complete raids due to the lack of healing and buffs.

The same is true in PvP, where DPS classes such as the squishy Deadeye class can easily be disposed of without proper buffs and heals provided by a Bard class.

Overall, the Bard class provides valuable healing and buffs to allies, making it a must-have in almost every boss raid.


image 502

The Paladin is a Warrior sub-class that can provide damage protection to his party via AoE shields. On top of that, Paladins can also remove debuffs from their allies and provide valuable healing to his party.

When needed, the Paladin class can also dish out respectable damage against bosses and monsters in PvE. Its exceptional combination of sustainability and DPS helps it land a spot in the PvE S-tier.


image 501

The Gunlancer class is a jack of all trades in Lost Ark.

The Gunlancer class is not only one of the tankiest classes in the game, but this class also packs exceptional DPS and semi-support capabilities that are valuable in about any party.

Gunlancers excel at drawing damage away from the rest of his party through his taunt ability. However, despite being one of the more tanky classes in Lost Ark, the Gunlancer class can still deal a respectable amount of damage when needed.

The only tricky part about playing the Gunlancer class is knowing when to focus on dealing damage and when to provide support to allies.

A-Tier – Exceptional Damage, Average Sustainability, Average Mobility


image 494

Thanks to its approachable and beginner-friendly characteristics, the Berserker class is one of the most popular classes in Lost Ark. (52.3% of players use the Berserker class)

Berserkers can dish out tons of damage to a large group of enemies in a short amount of time. The relatively tanky class will have no problems absorbing incoming damage while dishing out even more damage of his own.


image 499

Almost every ability in the Gunslinger’s arsenal deals moderate to heavy damage towards enemies. With three different gun types to choose from, the Gunslinger class is a versatile class that can engage in close, medium, and long-range battles.

The Gunslinger class can spam all abilities towards the enemy in PvE, where fights are mostly against big and slow opponents.

The exceptional mobility within her skillset is excellent for PvE and lends itself useful as a type of self-sustainability.


image 508

The Artillerist class is adept at dealing tons of AoE damage from long range.

Its Identity Skill allows it to deal even more damage to enemies at the cost of mobility, which is not a big deal in PvE because of how slow the AI bosses generally are.


image 503

The Sorceress class deals insane amounts of elemental AoE damage.

In PvE situations, the Sorceress class only needs to worry about positioning and dodging enemy attacks and spells as they can be pretty squishy.

Other than that, not much can stop a Sorceress from unloading a barrage of elemental spell damage towards enemies in PvE.


image 496

Due to its high damage output and mobility, the Wardancer class lands in the PvE A-tier.

Although her Esoteric Identity Skill is limited in duration, the Wardancer class can still unload a ton of DPS within her Esoteric Skill’s six-second window.

In PvE, the Wardancer’s damage output is a welcome addition to any party.


image 500

The Shadowhunter class is an excellent AoE class that should have no problems dealing with hordes of enemies, thanks to its crowd-control and AoE-based skills.

The Demon Form gives the Shadowhunter class awesome self-sustainability, rare for such a high DPS melee class.

How you decide to build your Shadowhunter is entirely up to you. Either way, the Shadownhunter class boasts decent DPS and self-sustainability that will help in PvE boss raids.


image 509

The DPS and combo maniac class is enjoyable to use in PvP. In PvE, the Deathblade class deals a high amount of sustained damage that can make quick work of PvE bosses and hoards of enemies.

While the Deathblade class boasts some of the craziest amounts of DPS in Lost Ark, its melee nature leaves it no choice but to get up close and personal with AI bosses, which forces it to eat up incoming damage – hopefully, you have a Bard nearby.

That aside, the Deathblade is a high-action, high-DPS class that is addictingly fun to use in both PvE and PvP.


image 497

Even though the Striker and Wardancer classes look very similar on paper, the Striker class edges out its Wardancer female counterpart, thanks to a key difference in how their Esoteric Identity Skill works.

While the Wardancer class’ Esoteric Identity Skill is limited at six seconds, the Striker class is not limited by the same time window, which allows it to deal sustained heavy damage to PvE enemies.

Overall, the Striker class is a decent DPS class with decent mobility that can deal a ton of damage in PvE.


image 504

The Scrapper class features a good mix of DPS, sustainability, and mobility that helps it survives and deal a ton of damage over time to enemies in PvE.

Scrappers can choose between two playstyles depending on which type of energy is charged up in her Identity Skill. Both are similarly effective and straightforward, which helps give the Scrapper a no-fuss feel when playing.

B-Tier – Similar DPS to A-tier, but requires more effort.


image 505

The Soulfist class deals the most skill damage in the game through her Spirit Bomb skill.

Unfortunately, this ability will take a full five seconds to charge, which, if timed improperly, could end up as nothing more but a cool animation on your monitor.

Soulfist is also the only class in Lost Ark that combines melee and ranged attacks and skills, making this class a little more challenging to use than other classes in the game.

If you get the timing right, the Soulfist’s Spirit Bomb skill should give you a good headstart on bosses in PvE.


image 506

The only sub-class under the Gunner class to forgo guns favors a more traditional bow and arrow.

Sharpshooters are decent DPS classes that combine mobility with respectable amounts of damage.

Even though the Sharpshooter class is equipped with decent mobility skills, it does not change that it is one of the squishier classes in the game. In addition, more effort and planning are required to extract value from the Sharpshooter class’ most powerful skills, which leaves it immobile for a short period while casting.

However, in the hands of a more experienced player, the Sharpshooter class can dish out high amounts of continuous damage from long range.


image 498

On paper, the Deadeye class might seem like it is simply the male version of the Gunslinger class. However, a few key differences in their exclusive skills (Gunslinger has more mobility baked in) make the Gunslinger a more self-sustaining PvE and PvP class.

However, it is not bad news for the Deadeye class, as the Gunner sub-class still packs a ton of damage and versatility thanks to multiple weapon choices in its arsenal.

In PvE, where the bosses are primarily slow-moving or stationary, the Deadeye class’ lack of mobility does not hurt it as much.

Raid Boss

You have to give props to Smilegate where it is due; the balance of power between classes in Lost Ark is nothing short of amazing.

While other classes are a must-have for most parties (S-Tier), the rest of the classes trade blows in what they bring to the table in PvE. The class you end up playing will boil down to which of the classes you find more “fun” to play.

So, there you have it! We hope this helped you figure out the Best Classes For PvE through this article.

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