Lost Ark: How to Change New Skills and Create Skill Presets


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Combat Skills for every situation.

Lost Ark: How to Change New Skills and Create Skill Presets

Lost Ark’s combat system puts a significant emphasis on abilities and items. Players can configure and customize how their chosen class’ Combat Skills work and where they sit in the on-screen HUD according to their playstyle.

It is vital to access your Combat Skills in-game without overthinking which button to press. Lost Ark’s bosses require players to have quick reaction times, especially when playing more active melee classes such as the Assassin, Warrior, and Martial Artist classes.

Here is how to reconfigure Skills and Create Skill Presets in Lost Ark.

Infinite Configurations

One big gripe many players have with some MMORPG games is the inability to reconfigure upgrades and Skill Builds. Unfortunately, this Skill mechanic forces players to carefully choose and plan their character’s build path since they will not be able to revert these changes after selecting certain upgrades.

Lost Ark does away with this type of upgrade mechanic and allows players to add and remove upgrades given to their characters’ abilities via Skill Points. Skill Points are infinitely reconfigurable, which means players can add or take away points from one Combat Skill to another. 

Thanks to the Skill Point mechanic, players can prioritize some Combat Skill Builds over others when the situation calls for it, making their characters more versatile.

You can now be a one-trick and a jack-of-all-trades at the same time. That’s awesome.

How to Change New Skills and Create Skill Presets in Lost Ark

How to Change New Skills

  1. Open the Combat Skill Menu by pressing “K” on your keyboard:
image 192

2. Choose the Combat Skill you would like to add to the in-game HUD:

image 194

3. Drag and Drop the chosen Skill from the Combat Skill menu onto any ability in the Quick Slot:

1 5

4. Voila! Your chosen Combat Skill has been added to the Abilities Quick Slot:

image 196

How to Change Skill Presets

  1. Open the Combat Skill menu by pressing “K” on your keyboard:
image 197

2. Only two presets can be used for free. For this tutorial, click on Combat Skills Preset 2:

2 6

You can easily rearrange your character’s Combat Skills by clicking and dragging Combats Skills into the Quick Slots, as shown in the How To Change New Skills section above.

image 198
Combat Skills Preset 1
image 199
Combat Skills Preset 2

Accessibility = Efficiency

Knowing which Combat Skills correspond to which buttons on your keyboard allows you to access and use Combat Skills as needed without thinking about it.

This is very useful for hectic fight sequences common in MMORPG like Lost Ark. Configuring your Combat Skills to suit your playstyle allows certain classes such as the Assassin and Martial Artist to chain mesmerizing combos on enemies.

Swapping out Combat Skills presets saves players a ton of time versus manually reconfiguring individual Combat Skills before a fight. Players can create alternative Combat Skill combinations complete with pre-configured Skill Points with Combat Skill presets.

That is about it! Hopefully, you liked this quick tutorial on How to Change New Skills and Create Skill Presets in Lost Ark! Head over to the PlayersAssist website for excellent gaming guides, gaming news, game codes, etc.

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