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The rewards in the Mafia: Definitive Edition are themed to the specific mission you pass. For example, the Clown outfit can be obtained by eliminating a clown stuck in a bank vault.

Mafia: Definitive Edition - How To Unlock Mechanic Outfit

So, how do you unlock the mechanic outfit? Do you have to fix vehicles to obtain this reward? Well, not quite. You have to pass the Moderate Velocity mission to unlock the mechanic outfit.

Below, we have outlined how to unlock the infamous mechanic outfit.

How to Unlock the Mechanic Outfit in Mafia: Definitive Edition

Like other side missions in Mafia 1 Remake, the Moderate Velocity one is a pretty exciting concept. It might be a reference to the 1994 movie “Speed,” where you, the driver, couldn’t drive below 30mph because a bomb would explode.

Well, in the Mafia 1 Remake, this mission is exactly like that movie. From this mission, you get the mechanic outfit.

This is how you get Mechanic Outfit:

  1. Enter Free Ride, then travel to north Chinatown.
  2. Find a payphone opposite of the Red Flower Mansion.
  3. Interact with the telephone to initiate the mission.
  4. A bus will come flying by in your view, get in a vehicle, and catch up to it.
  5. When you get close to the bus, please enter it.
  6. You will be prompt to drive above 30 miles an hour. Quickly open the map and set a route based on your preference.
  7. Drive above 30mph for until the four minutes pass or until they defuse the bomb.

After successful completion, you will be rewarded with the Mechanic outfit. Now you can equip this outfit in your wardrobe.

Be careful when chasing down the bus, since sometimes it bugs and it goes through vehicles. For safety, don’t drive directly behind it.

Furthermore, don’t worry about the speed that much, since the bomb won’t explode immediately when you go below 30mph.

It has a 15-second timer, so you can quickly get back above the required speed. Good luck!

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