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The Baskerville outfit in Mafia 1 Remake is one of the bizarre cosmetic items in-game. Closely resembling the other weird ones in Mafia, it has an average body with a dog’s head.

Mafia 1 Remake: How To Unlock Baskerville Outfit

Costumes like these are a few in this game. For example, the Alien outfit is the same, but just with an alien head. To unlock it, though, you will have to do it on a secret side mission

We have the exact way how to unlock the Baskerville outfit!

How to Unlock the Baskerville Outfit in Mafia 1 Remake

This mission will test your driving and shooting skills. It’s called the Curse of the Baskervilles, and the main objective is to hunt down Herbert.

After the successful completion of this mission, you will receive the Baskerville Outfit. But there is a catch. You will have to have passed all 11 other secret missions to unlock this one.

So, new players and players who have passed only a few Free Ride secret missions can’t unlock this costume.

Nevertheless, this is how you unlock the Baskerville outfit:

  1. Enter Free Ride from the Title screen.
  2. Travel to Little Italy.
  3. Go to this spot:
  4. Search for a ringing payphone. If you see a payphone, but it’s not ringing, then you have some other unfinished side mission.
  5. Once you interact with the payphone, the mission will start.
  6. Hunt down Herbert.

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of the Baskerville outfit! Don’t worry about killing Herbert fast, since, in the end, he will stop at a pier on some lake.

Nonetheless, you can eliminate him even before that, once you are in the car chase. Keep up with him because a 10-second timer will start if you fall back behind.

If you reach the pier, expect a gunfight with Herbert’s boys, so bring you the best guns. Bring in a golden Tommy Gun for extra style points. Once you kill the dog, you will have unlocked the Baskerville outfit, which can be equipped in your wardrobe. Good luck!

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