Mafia 1 Remake: How To Unlock Gold Tommy Gun (Professional Protection Free Ride Secret Mission)



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One of the most amazing rewards in Mafia 1 Remake from missions is the Gold Tommy Gun. Most side mission weapons are usually golden.

Mafia 1 Remake: How To Unlock Gold Tommy Gun (Professional Protection Free Ride Secret Mission)

This is the theme of weapons acquired by secret missions. The Professional Protection secret mission is straightforward, and it involves a lot of shooting.

How to Unlock Gold Tommy Gun in Mafia 1 Remake

You get this weapon by completing the Professional Protection secret mission. The mission story is that a previous owner to a particular package now wants it back, but you will have to stop other people from wanting to steal it.

Amazingly, you will be given a Golden Tommy Gun and asked to protect a package that will be moving across town. It states that you can keep the gun after successful competition of the mission.

As I said, it’s a pretty simple and straightforward mission, and there is no particular way of beating this mission. You can expect more than 20-30 cars to attack you one at a time.

The Gold Tommy Gun has a big clip and unlimited ammo on the mission so that ammo won’t be an issue. Be sure to eliminate your enemies before getting close to the vehicle, since they can ram it and deal more damage to it.

This mission lasts 4-5 minutes on average. After successful delivery of the item, you will be rewarded with the infamous Gold Tommy Gun.

Now, you can equip the Tommy Gun in your weapons warehouse. Congratulations!

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