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Have you ever wondered how you can blend in with the entire crowd in Mafia Definitive Edition? You are part of a mafia family, and blending in is very favorable.

Mafia Definitive Edition: Liftboy Outfit Location

Well, costumes are your best bet. There are millions of costumes in Mafia 1 Remake, each unique to its extent. Many make you a regular individual, while others are very distinguishable and unique. The Liftboy outfit makes you undetectable, making you a modern building worker.

We have the exact Liftboy outfit location, and we will tell you how to unlock it!

Liftboy Outfit Location in Mafia Definitive Edition

The Liftboy costume is an exquisite piece. You have a red suit, with yellow lines on the sides of your leggings and jacket. Along with a white shirt with a black bow tie. The hat is weird, though, but it follows the 1930 style Liftboy hats.

Granted, this costume doesn’t have any strategic advantages, just cosmetic. If you want to look like a Liftboy, then you need to unlock this one. But where can you find this outfit?

The Liftboy outfit location is in Downtown, close to St. Michael’s Church. To know the exact location of it, take a look at the reference map:

Note how the player is situated on the map, and try to recreate that.

Look for a big vertical sign saying, “Greenlaw West & Sons.” When you see it, start walking towards it, it will be in this small alleyway next to a building.

The curb which you will be walking on has to be 1-2 meters above the ground. That’s how you know you are on the right one. There will be some boxes and crates in the corner.

One of them will be interactable. This is the one in which you will find the Liftboy outfit! Once unlocked, your appearance will change, and from then you can switch to this outfit from your wardrobe. Good luck, Liftboy!

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