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There are many hard and long missions in the Mafia 1 Remake. But there are also straightforward ones which you can do to get easy rewards.

Mafia 1 Remake: How To Unlock Clown Outfit

Nevertheless, Pennies From Hell is a bit lengthier and exhausting than your usual side and secret missions in this game. Nonetheless, you get a pretty unusual clown outfit from this one.

We are giving you a detailed guide on how to unlock the Clown outfit in Mafia 1 Remake.

How to Unlock Clown Outfit in Mafia 1 Remake

The mission’s premise revolves around killing a clown, hence a clown outfit reward. You will be instructed to hit a bank, but not necessarily for cash.

There will be a clown locked in a vault, and you will have to eliminate him and bring his body outside to a car.

Here is beat the mission and unlock the clown outfit:

  1. Go to Downtown and find a payphone at the most southern part of Downtown. You can find it opposite of Ray’s or Metropole Shops.
  2. After interacting with the telephone, you will be asked to get the clown. But first, drive to the bank as fast as possible.
  3. Be ready for a fight because, inside the bank, you will have a war with guards. Eliminate guards and make your way downstairs.
  4. There will be many more guards downstairs as well. Once you are done with them, open the vault.
  5. Be careful because the clown inside the vault will be ready to shoot you. Kill him and bring his body outside, where a car will be waiting for you.

This is how you beat the Pennies From Hell mission, and you will have the clown outfit unlocked as a reward. To equip this outfit, you have to go to your wardrobe and fit it.

It’s far more visually appealing than the clown outfit in the vault, so don’t worry. Many players discard it because they think the vault’s clown outfit is the one you get as a reward. Good luck!

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