Mafia 1 Remake: How To Unlock Waybar Bike



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One particular fancy bike in Mafia 1 Remake stands out as one of the most unique bikes. This is the Waybar bike and is closely similar to Batman’s bike.

Mafia 1 Remake: How To Unlock Waybar Bike

Nevertheless, it has a pretty unusual design, and some like it, and some don’t. This bike is unlockable, and you can obtain it today!

We’ve made a detailed guide on how to unlock the Waybar bike!

How to Unlock the Waybar Bike in Mafia 1 Remake

Most speed side missions require you to show your skills as a driver, but this quest puts your riding skills to the test.

Mister Fancy Bike mission is a straightforward mission with one crucial aspect, and that is speed. You will have to ride an all-new motorcycle to test whether it performs as good as it looks. From this side mission, you will acquire the infamous Waybar bike.

This is how you can unlock Waybar Bike:

  1. Enter Free Ride and travel to the outskirts of Oakwood.
  2. The building in question can be found between Oakwood and Downtown. Look for a sign, “Lost Heaven Jewelers.”
  3. In front of the mentioned store, a payphone will be ringing. Answer the payphone.
  4. You will be asked to ride to the max and get all checkpoints without the timer running out. Climb on the bike and start riding!

It’s one of those long tracks, so you can expect to be driving at least 6-7 minutes. This means that you will probably die from high speeds a couple of times.

So, drive slower than a car, and keep an eye on the timer. It adds a few seconds to your timer once you get a checkpoint, so it is tough for the time to run out.

This means that you can ride slower and still beat the clock. After finishing this race, the Waybar will be rewarded to you, and it will be available in your garage. Good luck and ride safe!

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