Mafia Definitive Edition: How To Unlock The Crazy Horse Car



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This car is very crazy. I mean it says it in the name too. It’s a black hot-rod looking car with yellow and white rims.

Mafia Definitive Edition: How To Unlock The Crazy Horse Car

It also has an exhaust on the side of it. Please make no mistake, it’s an exciting car to unlock, but you will have to drive like a maniac to get it.

We will tell you how to unlock the Crazy Horse car in Mafia 1 Remake.

How to Unlock the Crazy Horse Car in Mafia 1 Remake

There are many similar challenges like this in Mafia 1 Remake. Mostly they are hidden side missions that the player can do to get an exciting reward.

They involve being at a specific location to initiate the quests.

This is how you unlock the Crazy Horse car:

  1. Go into Free Ride.
  2. Look at the map, the north-west corner of Works Quarter has a diagonal street.
  3. Go to this street and find Lost Heaven Paint Shop. On the outskirts, you should see a payphone.
  4. After interacting with the payphone, The Crazy Horse secret mission will initiate.
  5. You will get three minutes and thirty seconds to get to Holbrook.
  6. Drive there.

Congratulations, you now own the secret Crazy Horse car. I suggest driving as fast as you can because the time given is low to get to Holbrook from Lost Heaven.

You need to focus as much as possible and avoid any collisions. Usually, the crashes will cost you tremendous amounts of time. This car has interesting esthetics and makes for a pretty good trophy. Good luck!

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