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Because all of the item and loot drops in Marvel’s Avengers is very random, you must make sure to loot every chest and collectible you find. Chests give out random loot, but more critical resources.

Marvel Avengers The Road Back All Collectibles Locations Guide

Resources are highly needed in this game if you want to have stronger heroes. The Road Back mission is critical. This is because Kamala is in Utah and finds the helicarrier on this quest. It’s one of the earlier tasks in the game. There are many chests on this mission, but a lot of collectibles too. So, keep reading because this is a “The Road Back” all collectibles locations guide.

Locations For All Collectibles on The Road Back

Interestingly, there are quite a bit of collectible items on this mission. It is interesting because usually, this much collectibles on a task are more likely for the later missions.

As mentioned above, there are many chests. However, we will focus solely on collectibles. The number of collectible items on this map is five.

Road Back Locations | Where to Find

Let’s see where we can find all road back collectibles :

1. The Avengers Disband Intelligence 1

Continue playing the mission until you reach a big bunker. Inside of the bunker, you will search the rights side for a cupboard, inside you will find this collectible.

2. The Avengers Disband Intelligence 2

Exit the bunker. Go to the left side of the bunker when looking straight at it. You will find a metal box next to the wall. Inside is the next collectible.

3. The Avengers Disband Intelligence 3 and Comic Location

Continue with the mission until you find the helicarrier. As soon as you walk in, go straight. You will see a chest right in front. Inside there is a comic.

Before continuing, go behind the chest. Here will be another collectible.

4. The Avengers Disband Intelligence 4

The fourth piece of intelligence is at the front of Chimaera. Walk to the very front, and you will find it by the windows.

5. A-Day Preparations Intelligence 1

While on Chimaera’s bridge, walk around until you reach scaffolding. On it is an A-Day prep intelligence.

6. A-Day Preparations Intelligence 2

Just after meeting with Hulk, and breaking the door, go up the stairs in the corner. This is where you find another A-Day prep collectible.

7. The Avengers Disband Intelligence 5

Continue with the mission until you get to the left side of the hangar. The last collectible will rest on a toolbox.

The Road Back mission is one of the most rewarding assignments with not just collectibles, but chests too. Make sure you do not miss out on any juicy loot.

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