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We know that there are weird items in Wasteland 3. These odd items can come as Cyborg Chickens, Toasters, odd scrap, but they give out attractive perks and abilities.

Wasteland 3 - Golden Toaster Guide

Wasteland’s developers did add interesting mechanics and aspects of the game, which can easily be missed. The toasters in Wasteland 3, upon repair, give out so many perks from burning infliction to bonus loot. Arguably, for something that is easily overlooked in the game, it’s pretty overpowered.

However, they also give out another exciting item. You get golden parts. This can be used to assemble a golden toaster, but is this worthwhile? Well, see for yourself in this golden toaster guide.

Guide To The Golden Toaster

From what we know, the golden parts of the repaired toasters are not some junk. They also sell for a lot. But, it is probably the best idea not to sell them.

How to make the Golden Toaster?

  • There are five parts needed in total to assemble this golden toaster. So it would be best if you found all of the regular toasters first.
  • When you have all toasters, fix all of them and make sure you have all five parts acquired.
  • Next, you will need to acquire the golden hammer. This hammer is located in a vault behind a level ten castle in Little Hell – Denver.
  • Having all the parts, a dialogue will ensue where you can assemble the golden toaster.
  • Go to the Toaster Repair Academy, a new location that has appeared because you fixed the toaster.
  • It would be best to interact with the computer to get a companion that will join your squad. The companion shoots flaming toast at mobs.
  • Search around the place because inside, there is one of the strongest and best-looking armor in the game.

If you are having problems acquiring all the parts needed, check if you have found all the regular toasters. Also, make sure to get the golden hammer. Good luck!

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