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Marvel’s Avengers is one of the most immersive games out there right now. This is primarily due to the fact that you play the world’s strongest heroes in a battle against evil.

Marvel's Avengers - Gold Chest Locations | Where to Find

In Marvel’s Avengers, you can get loot from different kinds of chests and destroying stuff. However, the unique loot you can get comes from Gold Chests. Gold chests have a glow to them, but they can be easily missed. You need to know the Gold Chest locations to get the highest-end gear and loot.

What Are The Gold Chest Locations

There are many Gold Chests in Marvel’s Avengers, and to acquire some, you need to have progressed to some point in the game.

What are the known Gold Chest locations?

To Find Olympia Mission Gold Chest

On this quest, you have to pay some attention. Firstly, you will play as the Hulk, but you will later switch to Mrs. Marvel later on. There will be a short story cutscene between the switch, and if you look closely, you will see the chest in it.

It can be seen on the right side of the screen. After crawling through a vent, don’t dropdown. Instead, go to the right. The chest is above the lockers.

Hello Old Friend Mission Gold Chest

When progressing through the mission, one section will take you into a war room to meet Dr. Bruce Banner. In the war room, you will see a war table and Bruce standing over it.

When reaching this point, don’t go to the war table. Instead, circle the table from the right side. In the back of the shot, behind some fabric, you will see a golden light. That’s the gold chest.

Surveillance Mission Gold Chest

When you are asked to meet Natasha in the lab, go into the hangar on this mission. Next, go to the lower level of the hangar. When you reach a window, the golden chest will be in the corner on the left. The chest is close to Sydney Levine.

Enter The Avengers Mission Gold Chest

On this mission, whether you are playing as the Hulk or Ms. Marvel, it doesn’t matter. Almost all heroes can open the door needed to get to the golden chest. Find the room that is surrounded by glass.

You will find a yellow hexagon door. Next, you need to go to the second level to find a chest next to a pipe. Then, after opening the door, you will find another chest.

There might be more chests, but for now, these are all the known Gold Chest locations. As the game gains popularity soon, maybe we will see more chests being unraveled.

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